Thursday, May 04, 2017

ORC Week 5: It's coming together!

It's week 5 of the ORC and we are nearing the finish line!  We were on the road all day, heading out for a weekend with family so this post is a little late :)

This week I had to scramble since traveling would mean I'd lose a few days to work on the project. With lots of help from Cam and a few late nights of work, I think we're on track to actually finish in time.  The main challenge for me was the headboard I decided to DIY....Would have been wayyy easier, faster and likely even cheaper to just buy one, but where's the fun in that?

I found a fabric from Schumacher that's whimsical and fun but not super childish. I showed it to Talmadge (since it is his room after all...) and he thought the animals were cool, so I ran with it.  He'll likely hate it in 5 years but I figure if that's the case I can make it work in a guest room too!?

Cameron kindly built me a head board out of plywood and cut it to shape (twice, after I changed my mind...) and with the help of a few YouTube videos, I'm learning (through trial and error) how to upholster this thing. The easy way is to wrap it around the board and staple, but I made it a little harder on myself by adding cording that I sewed from the fabric. Choosing the pattern that I did had an added challenge as the fabric is only 54" wide and queen beds are 60". This means I had to add panels to each side and seam them. Wasn't the easiest to line up but with my MIL's help I think they turned out alright.

A few other pieces have arrived as well (mostly from since they ship so fast and their prices are awesome-seriously they are my go to for a lot of things!! #notsponsored) and a few things are on the way.

My favorite piece so far is this nightstand I found from wayfair.  I was a little nervous because the pictures online weren't great and the pattern looked a little pink in the pictures.  When it showed up I was super happy with it! It's fabric wrapped and then painted, so the pattern and texture make it unique.  It's larger then most nightstands too (So many of them are only 20-24" tall) so it looks substantial next to a queen size bed.  I just did one nightstand as two for a kid seems unnecessary and there won't be room for more than one when we move to the new house.

This rug is from wayfair too.  All the kids play together in this room a lot, so something large and cozy for the space seemed like a good idea.  The kids get super excited every time a package arrives and they act like it's Christmas opening everything.

We finished up the dresser finally and I love how it looks after I polished the original brass hardware with a little brasso cleaner.  Cameron does an awesome job painting, so the finish is super smooth and has a nice shine to it!

Lighting is installed, new shades are in and pillows are on their way, I've got things printed to frame and hang on the wall so hopefully Monday I can actually get everything pulled together by Tuesday. I've arranged for my photographer friend (Elena from Dust Studio) to shoot the room so that I can actually have good photos :)

Thanks again for following along! It's been fun! I've linked up over at Linda's blog, Calling It Home, so make sure you head there and check out everyone else that's participating!

See you next week :)

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