Thursday, April 27, 2017

ORC: Week 4 Painting Vintage Furniture

Another week has flown by and the count down is on for the One Room Challenge!  I don't know how others do it with projects that are full on renovations! I'm just "decorating" and it's hard to find time to get things done!

This past weekend we got a good start on painting the dresser for the bedroom.  It's vintage Drexel piece I picked up at a consignment store a year or two ago with plans to paint it.  I liked the simple lines, the quality and the good amount of storage it offered. And the hardware, I loved the original brass hardware :) I knew with some glossy paint it'd look better then new!

Originally I was going to do a dark olive green shade and last minute (literally, in the paint store!) I changed my mind and picked out a light blue color.  I was afraid it would look heavy in a dark paint color as it looked drab and heavy with it's original stain color, so that's why I made the switch.

It's now Gossamer Blue from Benjamin Moore color matched with Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel Oil paint in Gloss.  This is a paint Cameron likes to use in his paint gun as it goes on really nicely and is durable (key for a kids room!).  When he first painted it, I kind of freaked as it looked a little minty, but oil dries a little darker and now I love it. Cameron gets a kick out of me...every time I paint something, I panic, say I hate it and then in a few days love it...I guess things have to grow on me?

BTW, the pictures aren't great and don't accurately show the color as the lighting in the garage makes it hard to get a good shot!

Anyways, we're half way done with the dresser.  All the drawers are finished but when he was priming the main part of the dresser, the heater in the garage (he's got a paint booth set up there) gave out and the weather got really he either has to find the time to fix the heater or hope for some warmer days! The paint won't go on or dry properly if it's too cold so we have to deal with this glitch.

I'll leave it at that for now as that's all I have time for, there's a few more pieces that have shown up (fun mail days!!!) and a few things on their way and a few things I need to hurry up and figure out! I'll have to share those details next week cause I'm out of time today!

Don't forget to check out the rest of the ORC designers and participants over on Linda's blog Calling It Home! So much good stuff happening! Thanks for following along :)
3 comments on "ORC: Week 4 Painting Vintage Furniture"
  1. Soooo pretty. I love that color. And the hardware!

  2. What a great piece, and I really like how the hardware pops against the paint! Hopefully you can get warmer weather soon :)

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