Thursday, April 13, 2017

One Room Challenge: Guest Participant; Week 2

Well, I'm a little late to the game (by a week) but if any of you are blog reading, design junkies like me, you've likely heard of the event called the One Room Challenge. It's hosted in the spring and fall every year by Linda from the blog

The blogging event is a six week challenge to finish a room of your choice.  I've followed along for a few years and always thought it would be fun to join but usually time and budget has prevented that from happening.  The reason for starting a week late is because I was hesitant to commit to something when our schedules (like every one else's) are busy! I've been wanting to get a few rooms in the house finished (since we'll be moving in the near future) so a deadline and some incentive seems like a good solution.  We will see!

So with that, here's the room I've chosen to do for this event:

The big guy, Talmadge's bedroom! From the pictures, it doesn't look too bad.  It just feels very unfinished and thrown together (because it was).  The plan is to design it with the move in mind but to also be able to enjoy it while we are here.  The kid is full of personality and it'd be nice to infuse the room with some of that!

One thing that bothers me besides it being unfinished is the layout of the room.  It's an attic bedroom we added on when did the addition years ago, so it's rather large and feels kind of empty.  Cam and I sort of butt heads about where the bed should be, and the way it's laid out right now doesn't feel right. So at least for this design, I'm planning to change it up a little :)

Ideally, I'd like to center the bed in front of the windows.  I love symmetry too much which is likely why this bothers me! Obviously a headboard and bed skirt are on the list of things the rooms needs. I'm leaning towards using a bed skirt instead of a normal bed because of the storage we use for extra blankets and out of season things. Plus every kid needs a spot to kick dirty clothes and toys when they "clean up" their room.

That light fixture needs a serious upgrade.  It was pulled from the neighbors trash and spray painted to hold us over until we could do something better.  It's not hideous, but it doesn't give off enough light.  I think we can do better!

The corner opposite of the one in the picture above is completely empty.  I'd love to move the books and toys over to that side and add a space above them for him to pin up his art and pictures.  Then I would move his dresser to this wall for better use of the space.

Opposite the foot of the bed we have his vintage dresser picked up from a consignment shop.  It looks fine in this picture, but the finish isn't in great shape and you know how much I love glossy painted wood, so that's on the agenda too! The sconces were $4.00 so I won't feel bad replacing them with something a little more substantial.

As for the headboard, it's something we can take with us to the new house.  This means I'm debating finding a really cool fabric to reupholster it with. I wouldn't mind putting a little money into something that would be a focal point and stay with him for a long time.  It's a queen size bed, so even though he's growing like a weed, we shouldn't have to upgrade it any time soon! Time will be the biggest factor here so if I can't make that work, i'll get a simple inexpensive headboard for now and then reupholster it when time allows down the road.

Now for some of the details, preliminary plans, ideas etc. My idea board for the space!

We talked about the headboard, so I need to make up my mind there so I can actually get it ordered. If I don't do pattern, there's a simple tufted linen headboard I could make work.  I'll add some fun bedding as right now he just has a duvet.  Duvets look nice but they are such a pain with kids. Nothing stays in place, they're a hassle to wash and so I'm considering using just a quilt or coverlet with fun sheets. Easier on mom and still looks good! Plus a little pattern mixing is always a good thing,

I haven't decided if I'll keep the room blue or change it up.  We need to repaint anyways as there's a few spots around outlets that didn't get enough mud/drywall and need to be patched and painted.  Plus a few years of kids using the space means there's crayon, pen, smudges and who-knows-what on the walls :) If I change it I'd like to paint the ceiling the same color or do some stripes. Ideally i'd do wallpaper but again the move will likely rule that option out since it has to stay with the house.  Not to mention the husband cringes whenever I say that word.

For the dresser, I'm eyeing a muddy olive green similar to what's on the idea board.  The room needs color and I think it would work with the vintage style of his dresser.

If I get to move the bed in front of the window, I'd like to add a nightstand to the one side.  He doesn't need two nightstands and they wouldn't fit in the new house anyways.  I love the style of the acrylic one I pictured.  It's a little on the small side so I may keep looking.  On the other side of his bed I would like to reupholster a chair I started on years ago and never finished.

From there it would just be art and some finishing touches to complete the room.  I don't know why it takes me forever to get pictures up on the wall but it does.  I have a few ideas on mind for this space so I'll share them once I knock out a few of the bigger projects!

That said, I hope you'll follow along (i'll be on instagram too @swoon_interiors and also make sure you check out the Featured Designers as well as the Guest Participants.  Tons of talent over there!!

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