Monday, March 20, 2017

Fireplace Demo + Plans

It's pretty easy to figure out that the new house project has a lot of things working against it! One bonus it does boast is a real wood burning fireplace. Winters can be long and frigid here in Iowa so a hot crackling fire to get us through the cold season is a big plus in my books! In our current house, we tried hard to find a spot for one but it just wouldn't work so this feature was part of what sold me on the latest project.

What was originally in the house wasn't too bad. It had nice stacked limestone and a wooden mantel but one of the reasons we pulled it down was it was way too heavy! The floor was starting to sag under it and it was actually pulling away from the wall.  I also found it looked a little heavy visually and the hearth ate up a lot of floor space.  That said, we're glad we decided to pull the limestone down because when it came down (actually my MIL did most of the work I believe), it was packed with animal /rodent nests and lots of droppings! I'm sure that would have left a not so pleasant odor down the road!

It's come in handy for burning the kitchen/trim/paneling we pulled out :)

The actual firebox will stay as well as the chimney but we get to design the actual surround from scratch and make it more fitting with the rest of the house's style that we're aiming for.

Incorporating a combination of materials is always nice and so we're possibly going to do the hearth and surround in brick (maybe white washed or with a German smear technique - still researching that) and then add ship lap above it.  For a mantel I'd love to just do a simple white one or even use some reclaimed wood for warmth. Lots of white will keep it from looking heavy with brick and wood adding the right amount of texture. We're still drawing up the design on Sketch-up but you can see what we're aiming for with these pictures I'm using for inspiration.

On either side of the fireplace we plan to add built ins.  The fireplace isn't perfectly centered in the room so doing this might make it look more intentional. On the left side looking at the fireplace we'll do a built in that goes from the wall to the fireplace and add sconces above it and then on the right side of the fireplace there'll be another smaller section of built ins with a fixture as well.  The door off to the side will eventually be a garage entrance we think so this design allows everything to stay even when we add on. I'm excited to have the storage space for toys (we might make the bottom concealed storage) and all the accessories that I horde collect....I might even put some books on the shelves ;)

Have any of you white washed brick or tried the German smear technique? Any tips? Have you ever uncovered "surprises" while renovating?
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  1. Angie ross erenbergerMay 23, 2018 at 3:53 PM

    I love it,when I was a kid it was so dark and kinda scary,cannot wait to see what it looks like when you are done..


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