Thursday, March 09, 2017

Acreage Exterior Plans

So I've wanted to share some of the progress that's been happening at the acreage property (Mostly thanks to my in-law's hard work!) for some time, along with my ideas and inspiration but here's the honest truth: There are days where I am excited about how it will turn out and lots of moments where I really wonder if we can make it look nice at all. 

The exterior is a real challenge for me as it's an eyesore in many ways.  It probably doesn't help that we've been living in an 1890's house enjoying all the quirks and charms that come with that and are now working with a completely opposite style....a 70's ranch.  And a very boxy, brown, plain ranch house at that.  Anyways, a challenge can be a good thing so I'm gathering lots of inspiration and ideas and aiming high :)

Here's what I've put together for inspiration and a few things that have already been ordered to install.
My main goal with the exterior is to lighten it up and try to infuse some style.  Keep in mind we may do an addition and add another level down the road so for now it's just getting a face lift.

Here's the shot we took when we started out on this "adventure" for reference.  Not much to look at, right?  And very brown.  Everything inside and out with this place was brown!

Here's the plan so far: The front door is going to be replaced with a door similar in style to this with sidelights on each side:

The current door is extra wide and we want to keep the siding for now, so we needed something that would fill the space and not have to patch in the siding which is why we added sidelights. We went for a door style that we would like long term since they're expensive it's not something we'd want to replace once we add on. We'll paint it a pretty color (TBD) and then add this hardware that I ordered from (I mentioned it on instagram, but I'm super happy with this company.  You can't beat their pricing and their shipping was super fast!)

The shape/lines of the back plate is pretty and I can get hardware for the interior doors that match this style. I'm going with polished chrome this round to add cool tones and want to keep everything light and bright in this house.

For lighting, there's wiring for a light on each side of the doors so I'd love to add some fun lantern/copper style fixtures.  My favorite is the fixture in my inspiration picture but these are contenders too.

The roof on this house was replaced not very long ago and is in perfect shape, so unfortunately it stays. I say unfortunately because it's a perfectly good roof but the last color I would choose. It would be awesome to do a metal roof down the road as I've always loved that look but for now I'll work with what we have. I'm hoping that if I paint the siding a really light color and do something fun with the doors it won't all look so bland. Crossing my fingers it does the trick!

Obviously the landscaping is lacking and those bushes in front of the house are way over grown so they will need to go.  The yard all slopes towards the house so we need to grade it and there's still a ton of garbage that has to be cleaned up The front stoop needs to be upgraded and so on and so forth but it's nice to have some ideas to work towards making the exterior a little more welcoming!

Any other ideas to give this house more curb appeal? It needs all the help it can get! Do you have a favorite light fixture you think I should use? Do these posts help you "envision" what's happening? I'm all ears!

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  1. Looks like a great plan! Can you share your lighting sources?


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