Monday, January 09, 2017

Acreage update! Demo and kitchen planning

Here we are into a New Year already! We enjoyed our holidays and made progress both on our current house and the new property.  The master bathroom (I wrote about plans HERE) finally got started and it's really coming along! The goal is to try and finish up the few things on this house so we can just enjoy it before we move to the acreage. It'll be a year or more before that happens, but we all know time flies and it would be nice to just be done working on this house.

Anyways, over the holidays Cam had a week and some off work so a few of the days we took the kids out to the acreage and let them burn off energy and "help" us with demolition! They already love it there so it's fun to get out there and make things happen!

While nothing looks pretty just yet, it does in some ways look better! To be honest most of the work has been cleaning up the garbage left on the property...When a house sits empty for years out in the country, you can likely imagine the kinds of things that go on. We've burned lots of "interesting" paraphernalia! So whenever we have time we run out there and load up the burn barrels with whatever will burn and try to clean up. The cupboards, paneling, trim etc that we've pulled out conveniently keeps the house warm :) But on to more exciting things. Like kitchens....

I feel like kitchens are a good place to start planning a house as they effect the layout and can really set the style of a home.  When we first looked at this house before offering on it, we came home and drew up a budget and a floor plan for the kitchen to make sure we could make it work for us. It had some quirks to see past but there was still potential. Here it was "before" if you need a reminder.

And here it is with everything knocked out. Sorry to those who wanted us to keep the oval shaped stone covered cook top. It didn't stay...

Still rough looking but better!

Here's a quick idea of what we would like to do and how we've laid out the kitchen.  I'll go through some of the ideas too.

We are basically going to do an  "L" shaped kitchen along with an island.  This makes it feel way more open then it did with the peninsulas boxing it in before. The doorway you see goes to the laundry room behind the kitchen which has basement and backyard access.  We'll close off that door way (as you can easily get to the laundry from the hallway around the corner) so that we can run the cabinets all the way along the two walls.

The fridge will be near the start of the windows with a sink centered under them and a dishwasher next to it.  There won't be any upper cabinets next to the windows so I'd like to tile all the way up to the ceiling to add some height to the room. On the wall where the oven is I'm going to do floating shelves in the corner and then narrow cupboards on either side of the vent hood.  We'll have a built in pantry next to that housing the microwave.

In the center will be an island with room to seat 3.  There's not a ton of counter space around the perimeter of the kitchen so the island will provide a good place to prep food and feed the kids breakfast/snacks. Some of the kids like to "help" cook already and I think an island is a perfect space for that!

The only thing really going for the space is the ceiling. It has true tongue and groove wood boards on the ceiling that run the length of the house.  We're going to paint them all white to brighten up the space. I love how they add some dimension and texture to the space. The beams are coming down as they are faux, look heavy and I didn't like how they were spaced.

We've already bought our kitchen shortly after closing on the house. We used IKEA as they're affordable and pretty well made.  Here's a bit of an "inspiration" board that shows the style I'm after if that helps you imagine the mess above ever looking like something you could cook a meal in :)

Lots of white, some grey, a bit of brass and classic materials like subway tile, butcher block and simple pulls.  We did get a large farmhouse sink and I'm SUPER excited about that! I'd love to add some fun art and get cute seating for the island.  If I can find something that fits the budget, i'd love to get a marble remnant to top the island as a contrast with the butcher block on the counters.  We need to put new flooring throughout and I'm thinking something lighter in color to hold up to all the dirt I know will be tracked through a house in the country :)

So there you have it. Can you envision it now? I can't wait until we can get to the point of installing everything and see the difference! So much fun to find potential in any space!

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