Friday, November 04, 2016

A New Adventure!

I should say a new project, but it's all new and exciting right now, so I'm being positive and calling it an adventure.  Give me a few months and  I may say something different :) Either way, bits and pieces of this project have been shared on social media so it's likely a good time to go into detail about we're up to.

Try not to think we're completely crazy but we have found ourselves a little acreage and a house that's in need of a LOT of love! After 9+ years of renovating non-stop we're doing it again...

I'll show you just how much love it's going to need.  Brace yourself for lots of paneling, carpeted bathrooms (why???),wallpaper(not the good kind) and a few "unique" design features(that stove!!).

 Kitchen: Featuring a one-of-a-kind stove! oval, electric and veneered in stone along with a custom range hood! Bet you've never seen that before!

Living Room: Has a fireplace(bonus!) but it's pulling away from the wall and something will need to be done...better picture of it at the end of this post.

Dining Room: Not sure what kind of theme they were going for here...cowboy ranch...tiki bar...?

Laundry Room: This will have to function as a mudroom/laundry room

Bathroom: Complete with a blue tub, toilet and sink. And carpet. The strategically placed bathmat covers a large hole in the floor :) 

Master Bedroom: Ivy, lace and a border.  My favorite things....

Powder Room in the Master Bedroom: Notice the mask.  It really smells that bad.

Can you even handle all the prettiness? I'm sure it was very lovely in it's time and I know someone enjoyed this house for years but now it needs serious updating.  It feels so heavy and dark with all the paneling and the layout of the kitchen and dining room makes the house feel smaller then it really is. And then there's the smell.  The house has been sitting empty for years and small animals have left "evidence" of their existence there so pretty much everything will be ripped out.

I was there yesterday for a few hours and pulled up lots of carpet. It feels good to get to do some demolition work again! We'll tear out the kitchen and dining room to open things up, then pull off all the paneling and gut the bathrooms, bedrooms and laundry.

My father in law ("the Papa") has spent lots of time here already pulling all the moldy paneling in the basement and is getting it ready to power wash and paint with a stain blocking primer.  It got pretty wet down there from just sitting for years with no sump-pump running.

Speaking of the Papa....he's a BIG part of this project.  We wouldn't be able to do this house on our own as we're not completely finished our and are way too busy with little kids and life in general to try to tackle it ourselves.

We had been looking around at land for quite a while when this property showed up.  It was priced pretty high for the amount of work it needed, but the location was perfect for us.  Paved roads, minutes from our family, church and town...everything we wanted.  I think the amount of work scared a lot of people away from it. The price dropped and we were able to negotiate a good deal for it. We also worked out a deal with the Papa (and likely Nana will get involved as her schedule allows) to help us renovate it. While we love our house, being in the country seems ideal for our family and the things we enjoy.

The goal is to have it finished in a year or so and then move in. That gives us time to finish up here, enjoy it for a little while and then move into a finished house.  I'm all for renovations but I hate living in the mess.  That was the most stressful part of renovating our current house and I don't think my nerves could handle that again, especially with little kids!

More details of the actual design plans to come.  We'll be trying to do this on a tight budget so we can move in quicker and because down the road we may add on and change the layout a little so we have to keep that in mind.  It'll be fun to share everything starting from scratch and the progress that happens in the months ahead!
7 comments on "A New Adventure!"
  1. Love the big windows,Janna!

    1. Thanks! Me too...the view is pretty nice!

  2. WOW! I are getting ready to redo the house next door to us since the renters just left and I thought that it was one of the most unique "houses" I've ever seen BUT THIS.... might just have it beat!!! Haha!!! Oh man girl, have you ever got your work cut out for you! Can't wait to see what you do. I see tons of potential! And there ain't NOTHING like the country life! You'll never go back. :)

    1. Thanks Kammy!! Definitely has crazy features that almost made me say no to doing this but I had to see past them and find that potential!! You know all about hard work yourself! Your place is looking awesome!

  3. Having seen it first-hand, I gotta say that the stone kitchen island is absolutely top notch! I assume you'll design everything around that beauty. ;)

    And I agree about the smell - I think I coughed and sneezed for several hours after my visit with you guys.


    1. Thanks for coming to see it! Not a whole lot different from your tour of our first house years back right? Smelled about as bad!

  4. A beautiful, well-made and stuffed with well-made novelties, congratulations


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