Thursday, October 27, 2016

Master Bath Planning:Our Next Project

It's crazy to think we're actually getting near the end of renovating this house! The bathrooms are the last rooms that need to be done and then that's it for renovating here...that doesn't mean all the rooms are by any means decorated or furnished, but they're done as far as drywall, trim, doors, windows, paint etc! The messy stuff.

We've just finished painting all the interior doors and working on the last of the window frames. We hit them all with black paint and I must say they look sharp.  I almost chickened out on this but Cameron talked me back into it.  Said contrast was good so I went for it. I've shared a few pictures on Instagram (@swoon_interiors) if you want to see because I'm super lazy with the camera! What kind of blogger am I?

Once we're done painting, the master bathroom is up next so I am pulling samples and ideas together while Cameron's adding up the dollars ;) and trying to keep me on budget.  Hard to do when there's things like marble tiles in every shape you can imagine out there!!

So here's a preliminary plan...actually it's more like a wish list because we all know how fast things add up!

I'm going for a classic, clean, fresh style with lots of white/light grays and a little bit of black and antiqued brass. It's coherent with the rest of the house and is what I love best...

image source unknown

We have room to do a walk in shower as I nixed installing a tub. We have a tub upstairs and as much a hot bath is nice, there's never time for that so a spacious shower seemed like a better option. We may do half walls or full glass walls, depending on what it costs and what is easier to install.

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To keep the costs down, inexpensive subway tile will go on the walls and we'll use marble hex in small areas like the shower floor and a few niches in the wall. I've found a 1" hex for the niches and a larger 3" for the floor just to mix things up. This keeps the cost and maintenance down that comes with marble but still gives a custom look.

image source unknown

For the vanity we've found a few ready to install options online. There's lots of good options that come with a counter (often marble) and faucets for less then what it'd cost to buy separably or custom. Amazon and Overstock are great sources if you're looking.  We arranged our plumbing for his and her sinks and I can't wait to have the storage and space!

image source unknown

If there's money left, I'd love to get some fun lighting and finish it with pretty accessories. I've found a ton of vintage small rugs on and and think they make the perfect bathmat to add color, warmth and pattern in a bathroom.  The bubble light fixture I've had my eye on for a long time and it's totally appropriate for this room, right?


We haven't found a tile for the main part of the floor but i'm aiming for a 6"x 12" longer tile to lay in a herringbone pattern. A ceramic hex like we used in our entrance would be awesome but considering it took us MONTHS to lay that I'm sure someone would say NO to that idea!

image source unknown
That's about as far as I've come with planning...So once we nail everything down, get some quotes, cough up some cash and find some time we'll have ourselves a fun little winter project :)

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