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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shopping sources + When to splurge

As promised, here's the links and information on some of the items we used in the master bedroom I shared yesterday! Starting a space from scratch eats through any budget quickly so we had to be smart knowing where to splurge and where to save!

headboard:Wayfair | lamps + shades:Target | nightstands (existing, THESE would work too) | succulent dish (DIY coming soon) | sheets (similar HERE) | duvet (similar HERE)

If you know the look you're going for in a room, I love using flash sale sites to get a good discount. You have to be quick because once it's gone, it's gone.  I used and and a fair bit for this project to try and stretch the dollars as much as possible!

sheets: similar HERE | duvet: similar HERE | floral pillows: etsy shop (Aurelia 6311) discontinued, similar style HERE | lumbar, same etsy shop also discontinued, similar style HERE

light fixture: shades of light | budget conscious options HERE and HERE

Can we talk about that light fixture for a minute? So much nicer then the dated fan that was there! And it's a flush mount that in no way resembles the cheap builder grade fixtures slapped into houses all the time. This fixture was a bit of a "splurge" but it really makes the room. When my sister in law's husband installed it, even he was raving about how nice it was and how it gives off a perfect diffused light. And who doesn't want diffused lighting in a bedroom :)

dresser: ikea | chair: vintage | pillow: homegoods | striped throw: target | accessories: target | bamboo shades: homedepot | wallcolor: benjamin moore moonshine | trim: benjamin moore decorators white | frames: homegoods

rug: home depot discontinued similar HERE

Where to splurge and why:

Lighting! Ceiling fixtures, when done right grab your attention and make a statement. Plus they're usually out of reach for little kids meaning they won't get destroyed :)

Pillows: It only takes a few pillows to make the space special. A lot of the nicer fabrics are expensive, so by using them in small amounts you don't have to spend a fortune.

Bedding: You sleep in it every night, so make sure it's soft and breathable. I don't like to spend too much here because after time any brand of sheets will discolor and need to be replaced. Plus, if you keep the duvet classic and simple you won't tire of it.

Rugs: If there's enough money, vintage or antique rugs look beautiful in any room.  They add a little character, pattern, color and age to the space.  If you're on a budget, a natural jute or sisal rug will work fine.  Get one with a little color and subtle pattern for more interest!

Accessories, art, frames, throws, and lamps are an easy way to save money. I keep an eye out thrifting or antiquing for whatever catches my eye and use them to fill out a space.

There you have it! If I've missed something, just let me know!

PS, There's no affiliate links in this post, but the flash sale sites do reward you when you a "refer a friend". I've shared my personal link below if you feel like signing up. I use them all the time since I do love a good deal, you might too!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Before + After (and the inbetween)

See this little cutie's excitement? That's how I feel about this project I'm sharing today! Except I think she was just happy about being allowed to jump on her momma's bed :)

Image by Pink Flower Photography

A little over two years ago, my sister in law asked for a little help redoing their master bedroom. They weren't planning to do anything to their room until a storm came along and the tallest tree in the county was hit by lighting and fell on their house! Talk about being forced into a renovation!

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the pouring rain and gaping hole in the roof meant tons of water damage and a pile of work ensued! They did the work themselves to stretch the insurance dollars which meant they could upgrade the hand-me-down furniture and finally have a room they loved.

So sometimes, when you see all the pretty "after" pictures, remember there's usually a lot of long hours and messy work that goes into the space first! It doesn't all happen overnight!

Since water was pouring into the room when this happened, we never got any true "before" pictures of the old furniture, but you can see the ugly fan, textured ceilings and false beams that looked too heavy with the low ceilings.

Lots of water damage! It actually travelled to the lower level too, making a mess of the floors and plaster!

I forgot to mention, but my sister in law was very pregnant with TWINS while this was happening! Talk about stress!

Once all the lath and plaster was removed, they insulated and put up drywall.

Then, the original floors were sanded and stained.


After all the hard work was done, I got to come into the scene. For the fun stuff. Like painting and shopping. Lucky me! So now we have lots of pretty pictures showing how all that hard work paid off.

Image by Pink Flower Photography

The walls are Benjamin Moore's Moonshine and the trim is Decorators White.  I have those colors in our house and they liked them a lot so we used them here. They're calming and fresh in this space!

Image by Pink Flower Photography 

I pretty much had freedom with the design as the only requests were clean, simple and uncluttered with greys, soft blue/greens and a little coral!

Image by Pink Flower Photography

The white bedding looks classic and I like how the black trim on the duvet ties into the black edging on the light fixture.  I always like to add a few touches of black to every space. It's crisp and gives a bit of definition to a room.

Image by Pink Flower Photography

Pillow fluffing is serious business ;) Spending a little extra on pillows is worth it in the end. It makes it easy to build a color scheme and looks custom. Also, down pillow inserts. ALWAYS!

Image by Pink Flower Photography

Image by Pink Flower Photography

Image by Pink Flower Photography
The nightstands were existing to the house. They wanted to reuse them since they had just bought them not long ago for the living room, but ended up not needing them there.  They're a little small for the space (I prefer nightstands to be at least as tall as the top of the mattress and wide enough that the scale is correct next to a large bed) so we added taller lamps to give them some height and weight.

Image by Pink Flower Photography

It's easy to add a bit of pretty to a room with accessories. Low maintenance plants, a candle, stack of books, a dish to throw your jewelry in, a couple framed pictures, etc.  If you take the time to arrange simple things nicely I feel you'll enjoy your room more and maybe even have the motivation to keep it tidy!
Image by Pink Flower Photography

Image by Pink Flower Photography

On the opposite side of the room we added a taller dresser and a vintage chair. I'd still like to add a large round mirror over the dresser but we haven't found the right thing just yet.

Image by Pink Flower Photography
They'd like to have the chair reupholstered someday. It's not a priority at the moment, so for now a striped throw and cute pillow distracts from the not-so-awesome fabric. It pulls some coral to this side of the room and a few pom-poms never hurt anything either!
Image by Pink Flower Photography
A couple fun pictures of their kids were printed in B+W then hung in simple frames to make the room feel personal. It's an inexpensive way to decorate walls if art isn't in the budget.
In the windows we went for simple bamboo shades. They're easy on the wallet and add some texture.  We opted to skip on curtains as we liked the minimal look the shades give.
Image by Pink Flower Photography
Even grocery store flowers look pretty in this green and brass vase! The vase is nice enough to display on it's own when the flowers are gone.
Image by Pink Flower Photography
Image by Pink Flower Photography

We used a vintage brass tray to corral a few perfume bottles. Keep an eye out for trays at thrift stores/garage sales as they're great to make everyday items look less like clutter.

Image by Pink Flower Photography
Image by Pink Flower Photography
And just because this Auntie adores these two cuties, here's a few more pics! Forget pillows and accessories, these guys steal the show!
Image by Pink Flower Photography

Image by Pink Flower Photography
I love that this room feels complete! I can only imagine that having twin toddlers, plus two older girls makes for tired parents and I'm glad they have a place to relax at the end of the day. I'm also thankful they asked me to help as they made my job easy and fun!
Also, a big thank you to Caitlyn at Pink Flower Photography for shooting this room! She's a blast to work with and knows what she's doing! Her style is so fun and candid, I can't recommend her enough. Go look at her amazing portfolio and then book a session for your family, new baby or even senior pictures. She does it all!
I'll be back tomorrow with a post on some of the sources for this room as well as a few favorite shopping resources I like to use. What's your favorite thing in the room (besides the 2 sweeties)? Mine is that pretty light fixture!