Wednesday, December 09, 2015

getting (a little) festive!

Yesterday I had a chance to do a little Christmas project while the kids were napping. I've always wanted a place to display the Christmas cards we get, so I made a garland from fresh greens to hang over our chalkboard. It was pretty easy and pretty much free :)

I actually picked up most of the greenery from the side of the road where someone was getting rid of them and then used wires, berries and lights I already had to put it together. Mini clothes pins make it easy to add Christmas cards as they arrive. The kids love looking at the pictures and recognizing friends and family. Cameron likes that it was free ;)

The quote from a Christmas carol serves as a good reminder of what this season is really all about!

Besides this piece, a Christmas tree and a few greens I added to our front door, that's the extent of my decorating this year. With little kids, I know anything within their reach will be quickly destroyed (the tree has been "redecorated" a few times)! Plus, most of our house is only partially finished/furnished so it seems silly to put too much effort into d├ęcor.  One of these years I'd love to add little bits of Christmas throughout the house, but for now I'm ok with keeping it simple!

And just for fun, here's our little tree. I set it up with help from a 4 yr. old boy! I think he had fun adding ornaments and I did my best not to rearrange his work :)

Anyways, hope everyone's Christmas is a merry one! Send those cards so we can hang them up ;) Kidding, I don't even have ours ready to mail...gotta get on that!

PS. You might have noticed a new blog design. I'm attempting to clean things up and make it easier to navigatethe blog. Pictures are pinnable now, you can follow me on facebook, pinterest or instagram if you wish, and so on! I'm still working on a few things so feel free to give me feedback, suggestions or ideas.
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