Thursday, October 01, 2015

Garage Phase 2

I've got a few minutes to myself this afternoon so thought I would share some of the progress we've made this summer and things we're hoping to get done while we have good weather. Winter's coming!

We're on Phase 2 of our garage, the fun part where things start to look pretty! Excuse the scaffolding, it's too heavy for me to move :)

Last summer, we did a ton of structural work on the garage, then wrapped everything in Tyvec and left it alone until this year. 

Click the link below to read more about that and my inspiration for the doors.

Garage Phase 1 + door and color inspiration

Lucky for us, we had lots of siding leftover from 4 years ago when we resided our house, so we were able to use that to reside the garage. We also added a couple windows to the side that faces our house. It'll bring in natural light to the garage, but also helps break up the siding a little.

In the front and back peak of the garage, we used cedar shakes. In part because we ran out of siding and didn't want to have to special order more. I LOVE cedar shakes, so this made me happy!

For the doors, Cameron drew them up on Google Sketch up and then built them from wood 2x4s last year.  He recently built the face frames from plywood and pine boards and then screwed them to the doors.  I picked out Benjamin Moore's Knoxville Grey to paint them with. I love the green-blue shade with the grey and white siding! I'll paint the side door and our front door the same color to tie everything together.

The hinges are heavy duty strap hinges we ordered online, I like the scale of them on such large doors. The doors are now functioning bifold doors, and at some point Cam's going put them on a track so they'll open automatically. We'll also add door handles too for a finished look.  I'm thinking of ordering this style to go with the hinges.

Right now, I'm finishing the tedious job of caulking and painting around all the trim and siding. With it being a wood product, we have to leave a gap between the siding and any trim it butts up to. All of this has to be filled with caulk and then touched up with paint. All of the trim came primed but also needed 2 coats of white paint... 
 With 3 kids, you can imagine how long it's taking me to get finished. I can get an hour or so in while they nap or else I have to have a friend (Thanks Lillie!) help out with the kids to make any progress! Not that I mind doing it, it's a nice change from the usual day to day stuff, but I tell you that just so you don't think I can do it all.  I read some blogs sometimes and wonder how do you do all that with kids? I can't unless I have help :)
So that's where we're at now! We really hope to pour the floor in the garage in a few weeks if the weather cooperates. Next summer we'll likely do the driveway and shingle the roof. I also need to put a final coat of paint on the doors and add a light over the side door too. Odds and ends, but I'm pretty happy that it's no longer the eyesore it once was!

Also, I'm excited for that little window. Inside is an attic room I plan to take over. I keep calling it my "studio" just so I can claim it :) There's talk about ship lap walls and Cam's already installed a couple of these less than $12.00 lights.

More on that room later, once we finalize some plans and start working on it this winter! Any major projects you've tackled this summer? I'd love to hear about them or see what you've done!

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