Wednesday, April 29, 2015

choosing a backsplash

A couple weeks ago I did a random craigslist search and got lucky! I found the exact range hood we have planned to use in our kitchen for $80! It's in perfect condition too. New would have cost us a few hundred dollars.  Even more exciting then saving some cash? We need to install a back splash first!

Cam doesn't want to install the hood and then have to pull it out later to tile so he told me to start shopping! That I can do.

A few things I need to keep in mind while shopping:

Budget: (obviously!) There's some gorgeous tile out there but cost add up quickly.

Countertops: Ours are a light color granite and I don't want the pattern from the graining to compete with the tile. Simple, solid colored tile will look best in this situation.

Size: When our cabinets were installed, they lowered the uppers a few inches to accommodate the cook's 4'11" height. It's handy but means I have a shorter backsplash. A smaller tile size will give me more of a repeat in the pattern then a larger tile.

Those are the main things helping me decide what to use. I found this gorgeous glazed herringbone Ann Sacks tile (see below) at a local shop for $20/sq ft. It fit all the criteria except for the budget. After I did the math and realized we'd be spending close to $900 I couldn't justify it. So I stared at the sample on my counter for a few days then sadly returned it.

So I think I'm just going to get creative with some cheap subway tile.  I love the classic look of it, but wanted something a little different.  Luckily it's easy to change up the pattern or even grout and get a unique look.

I found a smaller white subway tile (standard is 3x6) at Home Depot for around $2.50/sq ft. It comes on a sheet in the typical staggered layout (that's it above) which is nice, but I'm tempted to cut them apart and lay it in a herringbone pattern like the tile I wanted.






Last weekend Cam started prepping the kitchen for tiling. He trimmed out the window, replaced the drywall behind the sink where there was some water damage and removed a couple outlets that were cluttering up the space. Not an easy task once they're wired but he managed to do it!

Right now we're in the middle of painting the trim on the main floor and when that's finished up we can start tiling and install the range hood.

So, which style of tile do you like best? The traditional layout or herringbone? I'd love to know :)

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  1. I agree. I looked it over again and again. The herringbone is so much more interesting without being really busy. Best to you! Lovely kitchen!

  2. You have the greatest ideas on the web! Your posts should be at, cause your decorating skills are amazing.


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