Tuesday, November 18, 2014

hello again!

I guess it's about time I dust off this little blog and write something. It's been months! I've tried a couple of times to put together a post, but am usually interrupted or just run out of steam. Adjusting to taking care of three little ones has been hard some days, but mostly just busy!

Speaking of little ones, here's a picture of our little Vera born in June. Can't believe she's already 5 months old. They grow too fast!

I wanted to show you the project that took up most of our summer. I can't say I did any work on it as I was either very pregnant or recovering from delivering a baby while all this was happening!

Our old garage got a face lift.  Actually, it literally got a lift as Cameron had to jack the whole thing off the ground to repair it.  Our house is old and on a small lot, so we weren't allowed to tear it down since by code it's too close to other property. If we did take it down, we wouldn't be able to build a new one. So he worked on it from the inside out.

Here it is in it's sad and sorry shape.

The garage had no existing foundation, just a poorly poured cement slab (they used metal fence posts as rebar!?!) and that had to go. Cam rented a machine to score the cement and then used a loader to break it up and remove it.

Someone in our house loves to watch and "help" their daddy!

Once that was done, he dug down to put in footings and a proper foundation.

Who needs a sandbox when you have a mountain of dirt to play in?

Next he put his engineering skills to work and braced the garage to lift it up.  Then he talked a few people into helping with the digging :)

Once the new footings and foundation were poured, the walls were reframed. We made them taller for extra space and that also allowed an attic room too(more on that later!).

(The tarp was to keep the rain/mud out while digging)

If you look at the original door, you can tell how much we lifted the garage!

Like most of our projects, it was a lot of work and a lot of mess.  I was just thankful most of it was kept outside :) Even if that meant the backyard was not very kid friendly!

Since then, the garage was backfilled with dirt and rock to get it ready for a concrete floor in the spring.  It got too cold to be able to pour cement, so that'll have to wait.  So will the siding, trim, lighting and a couple of windows we'll install too.

In this picture, you can see the new doors Cam built. They're folding carriage style doors that we'll trim and install with heavy duty strap hinges.  I think they'll look awesome when they're done!

Since the door opening was so large, we would have needed to order something custom anyways and that's always $$$. The carriage style is more fitting for the era of our house and was cheaper to build.  They'll still have an automatic opener, and he made them to fold instead of swinging open from the middle since it would be a pain to have to clear the snow if they did.

Here's a few inspiration pictures I'm using for when we add the trim, hinges and paint.

This picture shows a similar style of strap hinges that we'll use.  I like the scale of them for the size of our door.

This green color on the doors is so pretty! It looks great with the white and grey and I could paint the entrance door as well as our front door the same color to keep things cohesive.

 Another pretty color scheme.

 We've toyed with the idea of adding a subtle chevron pattern and then repeating that in the privacy panels we'll build on the sides of our deck.


So that's that! As time allows, I'd love to get things up to date with the progress that's been made around the house and a few little projects I've worked on!

As always, thanks for reading :) 

Back to my babies(and laundry, dishes, etc)!
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