Friday, November 21, 2014

Choosing hardware

Do you ever find having too many options makes it hard to make a decision? That's where I am right now as we need to buy hardware for all our doors. I've looked at pages and pages of knobs the last couple days trying to choose something.

Here's a few I've narrowed it down to and why.  First, cost is(always)an issue. We have over 10 doors to outfit so things add up fast. We spent some money on our doors (they're solid core) and 2 paneled so I don't really want to cheap out on the hardware, but I have to be reasonable too.

Also, I opted for black hinges when we ordered the doors(a few years ago) since I didn't know at the time what finish I'd want for the hardware, so it seemed safest. We are going to paint our door black and initially I didn't think I'd like black hardware on a black door, but some Pinterest searching has convinced me otherwise. What do you think of the look?




It's kind of clean and uncluttered.  I like. Plus it's most economical as I've found matte black hardware in the $20-$30.00 range.

I also considered using a porcelain knob with a black backplate. I think the white might be too much contrast so the brown could work.  I'm all for mixing neutrals even though some don't like brown and black together.


That option is still a little more then I want to spend. In reality, I'll likely chose one of the following since they all are around $30. I picked them because they're the few black knobs that don't have the little hole to unlock in the middle, or the push button in the center. I know that's standard, but it bugs me :)

I like this egg shaped knob, as it's just a little different from the standard shape.

This one breaks the rule with the lock hole, but it has a modern detail in the shape that I'm drawn to.

Simple, but maybe too simple.

Just the right amount of detail in the back plate. Might be my favorite.

Any favorites? Should I pay extra and get the porcelain or settle for the more economical ones? Do you think they suit an old house like ours?

In the end, I think I'll just be happy to have locking doors that don't have a "peep hole" in them! So will our guests:)
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