Monday, June 02, 2014

Our new bed!

I really should be cleaning my house, doing laundry and prepping supper for the carne asada party we're having tonight with a bunch of friends and family.  But, I'm going to sneak this post in instead as I really want to show you our new bed. It's kind of our first piece of real furniture that hasn't been borrowed, handed down, thrifted etc. Grown up furniture! Since we've been renovating for all these years, it never made sense to put money towards good furniture since it would just be ruined by all the dust and mess that's been made while we fix up the house. So getting to the point where we can buy permanent pieces is kind of exciting.

After sleeping for years on a really cheap terrible mattress and always waking up sore we decided enough was enough and we were going to buy a new mattress. Cam did the research part and we ended up buying a Serta mattress/boxspring from Sears. Not a cheap thing to invest in, but worth every penny for a good night's sleep! This also meant we were going to get a bed (we've just been sleeping with a mattress/boxspring on the floor) too!

Since we knew we were going to blow most of the budget on the mattress, it meant there wasn't a ton left for the bed itself, but we still wanted to get something nice that we would want to keep long term.  I liked the look of upholstered beds and having a padded headboard to lean against for reading at night is nice too.  I had my eye on a few from Crate and Barrel, but they cost about as much as the  mattress. They're likely worth it for the quality, but still didn't fit the budget. 

Instead, I found this one (didn't get this color as you'll see) by Skyline Furniture on

It comes in a few fabrics and was a reasonable price for us. I really didn't like the metal peg legs or how the headboard supports run to the floor behind the back legs.  To me those details make things look cheap but figured for the price I could fix that!

We went with a California King so that it would fit between the window trim better then a King size would. It's a nice upgrade from the full size bed we've been sleeping on!

I choose the fabric color Smokey Quartz and crossed my fingers that it would be pretty in person! It's the perfect shade of lavender grey and the nail head trim is a pretty antiqued brass.  I love it!

To deal with the ugly peg legs.  They weren't just ugly and plain, but spaced strange too.  Instead of being at the corners of the bed, they were inset a lot and looked off.

A couple years ago I found these antique furniture feet at a garage sale. $2.00 for four of them so I got them not knowing what I'd do with them.

I finally found a use for them I guess.  They already had a bolt screwed into them so Cam redrilled holes in the metal bed frame so the legs could be installed closer to the corners like I wanted.

It's a small detail but I like it so much better!

We still need to get bedding, but will likely wait closer to fall to get a duvet of some sort (it's hot enough here we can live without it).  I did find an awesome deal on sheets and feather pillows though. Who knew they sheets could be so expensive!!

I knew I wanted white sheets because they're clean and crisp looking, but didn't want to buy online since you can't feel them in person first.

I stopped into Tuesday Morning and found that they carry high end lines like Peacock Alley and Sferra for way, way cheaper then retail prices. 

These discontinued Peacock Alley sheets were originally close to $600.00 but Tuesday Morning sold them for under $100.00! They're super soft and the eyelet detail is pretty too! They also had king size feather pillows that were priced at $190.00 each (!?!!) on clearance for about $20.00.  I don't usually find much else at that store that suits my style, but it's worth shopping there for bedding!

Anyways, those are the details on our new bed. There's still lots to do to finish this room and I'm excited to (slowly) put it together.  Things are definitely going to go slowly as our third little one is scheduled to arrive in a week today! Thankfully my mom gets here today so if I can I'll share some of the plans and ideas we have for the rest of the room!

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  1. I cannot believe you are due to have baby #3 in only one week !! How exciting - and this bed is amazing. Agreed the legs are a small detail but I LOVE the change you made - they look perfect.

  2. Gorgeous bed and I LOVE what you did with the antique feet. Go you!! As for sheets, eesh! I feel like they are so poorly made these days, you really do have to go with quality sheets. Our ticking stripe sheets recently bit the dust after owning them less than a year and I've also experienced sticker shock when looking for quality replacements. Thanks for the Tuesday Morning tip.


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