Thursday, May 22, 2014

appreciating the now!

Sometimes I get so caught up in all the projects that still need to be done on the house, that I forget to enjoy the progress we've already made. I look around and am making a continual list of things we have to do and feel like we'll never be finished this house when really I should be happy with how far it's come. 

Yesterday, I was quickly snapping a few pictures for this post and was mentally making my list of the things we still want to do to the exterior (replace the steps, replace/paint the door, build something to disguise the trash/recycling, etc....) when I stopped and thought about the sad shape this house was in when we first bought it. I remember after living in it for a couple of years, we would be outside working on something when people walking by would stop to chat about what we were doing and then ask us "So when do you plan to move in?" When I would tell them we already lived in it, the look on their face was priceless.

The house when we bought it!
It made me smile a little when I thought to appreciate what we already have, right now!

The house so far!

With that, here's a little project that's I got to cross of my "list" the other day, thanks to the hubby!

I picked up this copper light off Craigslist years ago for $20. The elderly man that sold it to me told me he got it from a local Quaker Oats factory. Kinda cool! I had planned to use it in the kitchen but forgot we'd wired for a wall sconce instead of a pendant.  So it has sat in the basement until a few days ago.

We picked up some electrical parts at the hardware store and I painted leftover chain from another light fixture with copper spray paint.

I meant to take a before picture of the light we've had hanging above our front door for a couple years but Cam had it down before I could find my camera.

A little too industrial for my taste. Not to mention the bulb has been burnt out for month and months...

I wish I could explain how to wire a light, but Cam had it done in minutes! He's handy like that :)

Not bad for 20 bucks! I love that the copper finish ties it into the new lights we got a couple months ago for our back deck. You can see them HERE on instagram (and follow along too, if you'd like).

This is the first year I've had a garden out front.  So far everything is surviving I think! I have no real gardening experience, so I just picked out some sun loving perennials and small shrubs that I liked and planted them!

I played around with the layout a little, knowing some plants like the boxwood and azalea will get larger and fill out the garden.

Once they were planted I added cedar mulch to keep it low maintenance.

I don't love the usual black tube like edging that is usually used around gardens, so I found this composite edging that narrow and discreet. It blends with the cedar mulch and helps keep the curved shape of the garden in tact. We've used it around the side of the house too, which I'll show you once we get things planted there.


I think it's safe to say the house looks a little more welcoming then it did when we moved in!
Inside too....

We just finally finished the tile in the entry! It dragged on forever and we're both happy to be done with it! More on that later....
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  1. It looks beautiful, Janna! You guys have done such a great job!! =)



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