Friday, April 04, 2014

Hex tile!

Here's what's happening at our house! Some pretty (but brutal to work with) 2" black hex tile is being installed in the entry! I wrote about our plans HERE awhile ago and now it's actually happening!

Before we could start laying tile, Cam poured a leveling product and then once that dried, screwed down a subfloor used for under tile. 

We just started laying the tile the other evening (We have to wait till kiddos are in bed before we can start, which only gives us a few hours per night.), and it's pretty slow going! Even though the tile is on a 12x12 mesh sheet, the mesh has a lot of give so trying to line things up isn't easy. Lots and lots of spacers get used!

Hopefully this weekend we can knock out a fair bit more of it! So far though, I'm really excited with how it looks and I can't wait to see it finished with a dark grey grout. 

Once it's done, we can keep going with the baseboards. I just ordered the rest of the wall registers (same as what we used upstairs) and can't wait to start painting all the trim and baseboard(you can see them finished HERE in Serena's room, if you like). It makes things look so finished!

We've got a ways to go still, but I had to show you how it looks so far! P.S. If you tackle a project like this yourself, read these tips from House Tweaking first. Cam asked if I was going to post a tutorial on hex tile and I told him instead I'd recommend hiring the job out or installing 12" or larger tile :)

Sometimes it seems like the projects that are the most hassle are the ones that have the best results, don't you think? Ever had any like that?
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