Wednesday, February 05, 2014

more craigslist goodies!

Little by little, we are starting to furnish our house! Last weekend we picked up a dining table and four chairs I found on craigslist. I really liked the lines of the chairs and the size of the table. Plus, the price was right! It's large enough to seat 10, so obviously 4 chairs won't be enough!

The chairs came with brown striped fabric that has got to go.

This past summer I was in Quebec for a day with my sister and mom when I came across this pretty velvet.  It was about 2 bucks a yards so I bought lots!

I popped out one of the seat cushions and wrapped it with a piece of the fabric. A trial run! We'll live with it for awhile and see how it holds up. If it works, I'll finish up the rest.  I might anyways, just so I don't have to look at all the brown.

We still need to get at least 2 more chairs (a few highchairs will be around for a few years yet taking up room too). Something upholstered for the end seats would be kind of fun and an easy way to add some much needed pattern and color.

via pinterest
The other thing is, the set is definitely in "used vintage condition", so there's talk of painting parts of it (chairs/table base?) or refinishing it. While I do like the stained wood, I don't love that there's little contrast between the furniture and the flooring. We'll likely wait until the trim, baseboards and French doors are all installed and painted before making that decision.

The walls in this room (well in the house, for that matter) are pretty bare, and the wall opposite the glass railing has a lot of blank space that needs to be dealt with.

A buffet would fit along the wall here, but there's a built in coffee bar in the corner at the end of the wall. Anything too solid/heavy along the wall would look awkward. But it does need something!

Last night I was browsing Pinterest for a lucite or glass console table($$$)to use in this spot. Something clear would fill the space but appear visually lightweight.  Then I came across a better idea!

Outdoor stone lions topped with glass makes for a pretty unique table! Even salvaged columns could look neat used this way.  It might be an option for filling up that wall if I can get Cam to approve.  Something like this along with large scale art might do the trick.

For now, I'm happy that we're not still eating at a folding table with metal folding chairs. Even better is that we actually get to use our dining room instead of trucking everything at meal times to the basement like we have been for weeks before the floors were done!

Thanks for putting up with my scattered thoughts and ideas.  I've had sick kids and the hubby was travelling so my brain isn't functioning like it should!
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  1. I love the way you recovered your chairs


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