Thursday, January 30, 2014

Entryway plans

About our entryway I mentioned yesterday.  We don't really have one. You open the front door and you step right into our living room.  But, we are going to create one of sorts!

I took this photo before we cleaned up the mess from installing the hardwood, but if you can look past the cans of Poly and tools, you'll see the area I'm dealing with. And yes, that's left over wood. We still need to do our basement landings and some closets yet.

Anyways, we stopped the hardwood a few inches from the front door so that we would have an area to tile. Wood and snow/salt/sand are a bad mix and tile should hold up much better.

We plan to tile from the front door all the way to the wall that you see below with the coat hooks.

And that cute little hexagon shaped window there is our inspiration for the tile we plan to use. That window is the only original one we left in the house. It's leaded glass and we loved the shape of it, so it stayed.

Right now, the plan is to use a matte black 2" hexagon tile I sourced from the Tile Shop. It's around $5.00/sq. foot so pretty reasonable price wise.

Here's entryway with something similar, to give you an idea of the look we're after.


I'd love to add a pattern with a few white tiles, but Cameron kind of cringed at that idea. Tiling isn't his favorite job to do and adding a pattern would just complicate things.

But it does look soo good, doesn't it?


I'm pretty sure we'll be doing black tile, but I'm a little worried that dust and dirt will really show.  I saw this image while researching and wonder if a lighter tile would be more practical??

Via Lonny

It's not happening immediately anyways, so I have time to decide.  Once we're all done though, I'd like to add a nice bench next to the stair case and a big basket for throwing hats, mitts, etc. In the summer I can toss our flip flops into it and keep the area looking a little orderly. 

Don't really have an entry yourself? All you really need is a bench or chair, some cute hooks, a basket, and if you have room, a small table to set mail and keys when you come in the door.

Via House Tweaking
How do you create a space you don't really have? What do you think about the tile? Dark or light?
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  1. This is going to be great! I think the pattern would be so worth it, and my vote is for dark. When I had dark floors I felt like I never needed to clean them.


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