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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

back at it

We're back to work on the house again! It's been a few weeks where we haven't had time to do anything, so it feels good to see things moving along again.

Upstairs, baseboards are being installed in the two bedrooms, office and hallway. Cam has been at it the last two nights and it's going surprisingly fast.

Once they're in we'll prep them for priming and painting. We'll be painting the window trim too that was installed months ago. A coat of glossy white paint on all this woodwork will really make these rooms look finished.

You can see the new reproduction wall registers we got too. The original style I wanted was backordered forever, so I got impatient and went with these instead. We couldn't start installing trim without them so waiting much longer wasn't ideal.

Hopefully we'll be pulling out paint brushes by the weekend! Then once we repaint some of the walls we can move things back up here and even do a little decorating! I've got a few things ready for the kid's rooms that I'll show you once we're closer to that stage. This rug gives you an idea of the color going into Serena's room (sorry Facebook friends who saw this already).

Thankfully both kids did great sleeping in pack n plays in the basement while a saw, air compressor and a nail gun were going through the evenings. Guess they just get used to the kind of chaos this house is sometimes in!

Ps sorry for all the instagram pics, but my mouse on my computer decided not to work today, so I had to resort to my tablet. But speaking of instagram, you can follow me @jmmccalley if you wish. I can promise it's not a glamourous life I live, but you might get a few updates on the house/decor projects that don't make it to a blog post!

Friday, November 01, 2013

exterior update

Well, this post is semi embarrassing because I just ran around the house while the kids were napping and snapped a few pictures.  That means I didn't tidy up, remove the random things sitting around or style anything AT ALL.  So try hard to see past the mess and I'll do my best to show you what we're working on this cold, drizzly weekend!

The last while, we've been using whatever time we can find to finish up as much yard work as possible before winter hits.  The patio is almost finished, but we're about 5-6 pieces short of flagstone.  So we'll need to make another trip to pick that up.  The pile you see in the middle there are rectangle pieces that'll complete the walkway from the deck to the eye sore of a garage (next summer's project?). We've started the stone steps up to the garage and will try to finish them this weekend too.

We layed the stone in the middle of the patio to form a rectangle and are having a wood burning fire box/pit made to sit on top of it.  I found one online that I liked, but wasn't the dimensions I wanted, or a price I was willing to pay.  Lucky for us, Cam's brother in law loves to weld and has agreed to make one!  It'll look something similar to this when it's done.

It'll be fun next summer to have friends over for bon fires and smores!

Once the patio is finished we need to do some major clean up. It looks so red neck right now.  Random furniture, tools, toys, and junk that has to go!

In the spring, we'll start the moss growing between the flagstone, fill in the retaining walls with plants, add some small trees/shrubs and hopefully tackle that garage!!

Here's the current state of our deck we built in the spring.  We finished staining it and last weekend we got ourselves a hot tub! It's used, but in great condition and the price was right.  We didn't think we'd get one for a while, but I'm kind of excited about it! Cam spent the last few days getting it wired up and ready for use!

We still need to add panels where those posts are and stain or paint them.  Guessing that's another project for spring too!

And, around the front of the house, there's still work to do.

The front steps are going to be replaced and a new walkway put in.  We wanted to do it this summer, but ran out of time.  The front door could use some paint too!

We did manage to fix up our foundation though.  This weekend, we'll try to finish around the front and side of the house so we can check that job of our list.

We used insulating, termite resistant foam boards that screw into the foundation and then applied strips of mesh that sticks to the foam.  Then two coats of grey tinted foundation coating was trowelled on and lightly textured with a brush.

(first coat of finish....)
So that's the tour around our yard. Sorry for not having prettier pictures, just a realistic idea of how or projects progress!

Have a great weekend!
PS. Thanks for all the feedback on my last post. Loved reading your comments....I'll let you know which light I pick as soon as I order one!