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Friday, September 20, 2013

Flooring: The after pics.

Some good news: Our floors turned out awesome!

Sure, it took us 3 tries to get the stain right, which means our backs were aching and our knees were throbbing by time we were done. So.Much.Work.  

The top coat of poly will take a while to fully cure. We used a product called Fabulon in a satin finish and applied 3 coats(as recommended), with a light sanding in between.
So happy with the results!!

It was definitely a lot of stress when the staining wasn't going well. I think the problem was that the stain (Sherwood Wiping Stains) was too thick and dried too fast making it impossible to get an even finish. Cameron ended up thinning it out with mineral spirits which made it easier to work with.


So while the poly is curing, I'm on the hunt for furnishings, light fixtures and hardware!   We'd like to get the upstairs put together so the kids can be back in their rooms and we can have a functioning home office. There's still baseboards to install, trim to finish and painting to do, so we'll work on that over the next few months.

I've already found a light fixture that I think will work in the office. It was on sale for a great price at a local lighting store (Sitler's House of Lights is having a clearance sale on in stock fixtures-if you're local, check it out!). I just brought it home to see how it'd look and I'm pretty sure it's a keeper!

What do you think of it?
We also just ordered these reproduction style register covers. They suit the era of the house perfectly. For me, it's all about the details :)

Little by little this place is coming together!! Can't wait to share more as we go!
Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The brighter side of life!

I was going to write a post about our flooring situation. But it's still a sore subject. Lets just say we've sanded the floors(again!) and we're back to square one. When it's all figured out, I'll fill you in on the details!

Instead, I'll share some of the positives happening around here!

(Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

Talmadge had a birthday this past weekend. He's now 2!

I made my own version of THIS cake for the little guy's b-day. He's so into trucks right now (dig-digs!), so it was a hit!

The b-day boy was a little spoiled by everyone at his party! This Strider bike from Uncle Jeff is especially cool. If you have a toddler, you'll want one! A no peddle bike that teaches kids to ride at a young age without training wheels!

My incredibly sweet sister, Shyla had these orchids delivered to me after I filled her in on the flooring situation last week. She knew I was (a little!)stressed and wanted to cheer me worked! I transferred them to a vintage brass pot and they're my little bit of pretty in this messy, torn apart house!

I met up with a friend/client to check out the progress of her kitchen reno I'm helping design. It's pretty exciting to see things happening! There's an old barn beam that's been installed and some awesome lighting ordered. Can't wait to see it all finished!

Two of these pillows from the etsy shop, Aurelia are going in a master bedroom I designed for my sister-in-law. It's getting close to being done and I'll have more to share on that too!

When I was in Canada last month, I took on a little project for my sister. It included striping 4 layers of paint off this burled walnut fireplace-Who paints burled walnut??? The rest of the room got a dramatic dark coat of paint, new lighting and drapes. She's going to finish a few things(in her spare time, with a new baby) and then send picture's for me to post:)

I've had some luck at yard sales recently and picked up vintage crates-Perfect for storing kids books and(overflowing) toys!

My little peanut! She's half way to a year already!
Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Learning the hard way!

Well, it looks like summer got away on us! Between working on the house, some travelling, weddings, etc. time just flew by! I'll try to fill you in on the progress we've made over the last month or two, starting with the floors!

I just spent 2 weeks in Canada visiting my sister (and new baby!!). While I was away, Cameron was hard at work installing all the flooring upstairs.

Office room flooring installed.
This room will eventually be Serena's! The window trim will be painted white and we'll add baseboards (you can see a piece of it in the corner) that will also be painted white.

Over the Labor Day weekend, we rented a sander to prep the floors for staining. Once that was done, we vacuumed everything, wiped all the dust and then attempted to stain.  

We're using a stain from Sherwin Williams that we had matched to our banister.  I loved the color, but our first attempt applying it was a total FAIL! 

We were a little frustrated and disappointed with the results! The wood wasn't absorbing the stain and it looked blotchy and awful! No matter how we tried to apply it, or how long we waited, it looked bad. It was well after midnight, so we finished up the room and left it knowing we'd have to sand it all off the next day.

Applying the stain.

Wiping it off.

The bad "after" first round of staining :(

After more research, we realized that we had sanded the floors too fine. So we rented the sander again and went over the floors again with a 100 grit (coarser) paper. We also wiped it all down with a wet cloth, which causes the wood to swell some and allows the stain to sink in.

Last night we stayed up late again and reapplied the stain.  It went so much better!  It's looking like we'll need one more coat to get it totally even but we're getting there!

Like most of this house renovation, it's all a learning process for us! Sometimes it takes more time and extra money to get it right, but it's worth it in the end. And the more we do, the more we learn!

I'll show you more pictures once we put the second coat on tonight. Once that dries we'll apply a satin top coat to seal it in and allow it to cure for a while before we move things back upstairs.  And in case any are wondering about the kiddos-we're hanging out with Papa and Nana for a bit until the fumes and smell are gone!!