Monday, December 30, 2013

House update!

Hello! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Ours was different then most years as we stayed home instead of travelling to AZ to visit family. While I missed getting together with everyone(and there's a lot of us!)and could have used the warm weather, we wanted to take advantage of Cameron's time off work and get things done on the house.

Lucky for us, my brother Matt,(who works with flooring for a living)was willing to spend his holidays with us to help out. We decided it was a good time to install the hardwood on our main level so we could be rid of the stacks of wood/tools that have been taking over our living space. It gets old trying to keep a busy little boy out of it all, not to mention his little sister who's doing a great job of keeping up with him!

My brother came Christmas Eve and after celebrating Christmas day with him and a few other friends and family members, the hard work started. The guys have been putting in long hours leveling the subfloor and now installing the wood. I moved out of the house with the kids and invaded the in-laws place! Too much mess and noise for the little ones. Today a friend took the kids for me and I got to spend some time helping with the install. I snapped a few pictures to show you the progress.

This is going to be the master bedroom when it's finished. The flooring will be stained the same as the upstairs level. The door to the right is the unfinished master bathroom, currently storing all our appliances!

The same room, looking at the wall opposite the windows in the picture above. Someday there'll be a built in wardrobe running along this wall. The outlets are wired for lighting above it.

If you don't mind looking past the mess and random stuff that's everywhere, you can see our dining room.  This is the view from the back of the house, looking towards the kitchen and living room. The laundry closet is behind the doors on the right.

Below is looking at the dining room from the kitchen, leading towards the backyard.

And this is a lovely shot of the view when you walk in the front door.  I think when the floors are finished it's going to take me a good month just to clean the place up!

The mess stresses me out sometimes.  But when it does, I can now go upstairs and see that it'll be worth it all when it's done! The trim and floors are finished on this level of the house and we've installed a few light fixtures. It's getting so close to looking like a livable home!

I'm waiting until the floors are done downstairs before I do a thorough cleaning upstairs and organize/start setting up the rooms. I can't wait to get things put together!

Hope you all have a Happy New Year! I'll be back next week with more updates and to share my plans and some recent finds for these rooms!

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2 comments on "House update!"
  1. Oh Wow Jan, I am SOOOO Excited for you!! It is going to look AWESOME!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! Thanks for the update!!

  2. That flooring is really nice. I just bought my first house and I am having hardwood flooring installed next week. I can't wait to get rid of the ugly green carpet. I have been trying to work on my interior design since my boyfriend wants nothing to do with this kind of thing. He would be happy with a couch and a few fabric lampshades. I can't wait to see the end result pictures. Happy Holidays Janna!


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