Tuesday, December 17, 2013

furniture with potential!

A new piece of furniture is soon to arrive for our office! 

While we were painting trim upstairs last week(it's almost done!!!), Cameron mentioned I should be looking for a desk so we could set up the office.

I started looking around online, but as I'm sure you know, new, good quality furniture isn't cheap. At all.

So of course, I turned to Craigslist. No luck, at least locally. Lots of press board, veneered or ugly desks.
Lucky for me, I have family in AZ and family from here soon travelling there! So a quick search there and I found this:

A vintage pagoda style desk, solid maple with two drawers (Yay for storage!) for a little over $100.00. It's a little too shabby-chic for my taste with the distressed finish, but nothing glossy paint won't fix.

My mom was able to pick it up for me and it should arrive here after Christmas! Now to pick out a paint color...

We just painted the office Benjamin Moore's Moonshine, it's one of my favorite neutrals, which means I have plenty of options when it comes to adding color to the room.

I could paint the desk a glossy grey or taupe similar to this:

But then, a part of my wants to use a bold color. Ever since I saw this image from Lauren's apartment of GBGP, I've wanted to use the color from her side table.

Cameron might nix that idea, so I'll need some back up colors too. The easiest thing would be to decide on a fabric for the window in the room and pull colors from there. More decisions! This decorating my own house things might be more complicated then I thought!

What do you think? Love the desk? Hate it? Color suggestions (please!). Ideas for a chair to use with it (I'm afraid Cameron is going to want a rolling one and so many of those are less then attractive!)?

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  1. I agree, a little shabby chic for you, but I bet it will be awesome when you are done w/ it!! :)

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