Friday, October 25, 2013


Well, I almost pulled the trigger on a light fixture for the hallways last night.  But then thought I'd see if any of you wanted to help me decide. Or maybe, I was being indecisive :)

Our hallway upstairs is small and narrow.  It needs as much light as it can get.  The outlet box for the fixture is also a tad bit high, which limits how much space I have for a light. Also, the office light fixture will be visible from the hallway and so both lights need to work together.

(Hallway light fixture to go where that bulb is hanging out.  That insulation in the ceiling is our attic access. We've since added a door + trim. Our office is to the right. )
Here's a reminder of the office light we're working with. It's still waiting to be installed. Hasn't made it to the top of the priority list yet.

So what to buy for the hallway? Obviously I want it to be nice, but I'm not willing to spend hundreds on a wall sconce. You wouldn't believe how many of them out there do cost hundreds!!

Here's a few I'm considering. Most have gotten the hubby approval. 








I'm leaning towards no. two or five. Any favorites?
P.S. all of these fixtures are from They have great pricing and a rewards program you can sign up for. Plus lots of their items ship free. They're not a sponsor, but I've used them many times and like them a lot!
7 comments on "thoughts?"
  1. 2 or 5! i feel like one that arches down would suit that placement better.

  2. I am not a fan of 1 or 6, I like 2 better than 5, but thing either would go well and so since we are SOOOO different you probably should choose 5 since I like the other one:) Hugs!!


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