Friday, September 20, 2013

Flooring: The after pics.

Some good news: Our floors turned out awesome!

Sure, it took us 3 tries to get the stain right, which means our backs were aching and our knees were throbbing by time we were done. So.Much.Work.  

The top coat of poly will take a while to fully cure. We used a product called Fabulon in a satin finish and applied 3 coats(as recommended), with a light sanding in between.
So happy with the results!!

It was definitely a lot of stress when the staining wasn't going well. I think the problem was that the stain (Sherwood Wiping Stains) was too thick and dried too fast making it impossible to get an even finish. Cameron ended up thinning it out with mineral spirits which made it easier to work with.


So while the poly is curing, I'm on the hunt for furnishings, light fixtures and hardware!   We'd like to get the upstairs put together so the kids can be back in their rooms and we can have a functioning home office. There's still baseboards to install, trim to finish and painting to do, so we'll work on that over the next few months.

I've already found a light fixture that I think will work in the office. It was on sale for a great price at a local lighting store (Sitler's House of Lights is having a clearance sale on in stock fixtures-if you're local, check it out!). I just brought it home to see how it'd look and I'm pretty sure it's a keeper!

What do you think of it?
We also just ordered these reproduction style register covers. They suit the era of the house perfectly. For me, it's all about the details :)

Little by little this place is coming together!! Can't wait to share more as we go!
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