Thursday, July 18, 2013


Two kids under two and garage sales? Only if you're an addict!

I'll blame it on my mom who went every weekend when we were kids. So much so, that when my younger brother Matt was little, he asked her if she bought him at garage sale!

So it's in my blood I guess, and here in Iowa, sales start on Wednesday! Having my younger sister along makes it FUN and manageable with little kids. 

This morning, we hit up a couple sales and I found a few good deals! Take a peek!

A set of nautical style sconces for $10.00. Should I replace THESE in T-mans room with them?

A vintage gourd style lamp in the prettiest mint color ever.  I think it'd be awesome with a black lacquered shade.

 I was more then ok with handing over a total of 3 bucks for it. Especially since it reminds me of THESE lamps that retail for over $200.00!

But the best find, was actually for my little guy.  A vintage Radio Flyer tricycle for $8.00.  He doesn't reach the peddles yet, but is happy to have mom push him up and down the street!

I picked up a few little nick nacks and dishes that I probably don't need but couldn't pass up:) All in all, I think it was a success and did minimal damage to my wallet!

Any of you into the garage sale thing? I think you either love it or hate it!
1 comment on "loot!"
  1. I really need to get into it. We did plenty when I was growing up; I think I just don't really know where to go, and then there's the whole issue of where to park... You found some great stuff! I love that lamp!


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