Monday, July 15, 2013

Building a retaining wall

We're still working away at our retaining wall.  It's some serious back breaking work!

I'm excited about how it's starting to look.  At first, I was afraid it would look too rustic, but I think once we put new siding on the garage and have plants and flowers growing I'll love it even more.

To get this thing built, we have a system going where I pick out the stones, wash them off and then lay out a course the way I'd like them.  Cam comes behind with mortar and makes it permanent!

Once the stones are set in mortar, we allow the mortar to harden a little and then go back and smooth it out.

We need about 2 more layers on the back wall behind the garage and then we can start building the wall around the front.  This wall is what you'll look at from the deck.

We had some extra help on Sunday from Cam's brother in law, Jimmy.  He's in the middle of his own house project, but still finds time to help us out!

With this part of the retaining wall, we're going to do something fun and build in a seat.  Some day we'd love to entertain on a regular basis and so having extra seating in the back yard will come in handy for bbq's and bonfires!

The plan is to make it look something like this (minus the forest growing behind it!):


The retaining walls will have enough space behind them to fill with plants and flowers.  I'm thinking that I'm going to keep all the plants and flowers limited to a simple color scheme of various shades of green, blue-grey and purples.


We're still a ways away from planting anything, but it's fun to scheme up ideas, right?
2 comments on "Building a retaining wall"
  1. Love the look. Where did you get the stones? I'm looking to do the same thing, but I find that buying stones at a local landscaping store is quite pricey.

    1. Hi Katie,
      The stone for the retaining wall is leftover limestone we pulled from our original foundation when we renovated. The flagstone is from a local quarry. Check a quarry near your place to see if they have a scrap pile for discounted prices-that's how we saved some money! Thanks for the comment!


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