Friday, June 14, 2013

deck update

Incase you're wondering...Things ARE coming along with the deck.

The guys (as in Cameron, and his super helpful brother in law, Jimmy) have spent the last few evenings working on it and are now screwing deck boards on. This is when it starts to actually look like a deck!

Our little man has to get in on the fun(Thanks Papa, for showing him how to run a drill!). He loves "working" with the guys! 

The cedar boards are all being installed using a tool that hides the screws.  It makes the deck look clean and uncluttered. So happy with it!

The stairs still need to be finished obviously, but it's starting to take shape.  The posts you see below are where we'll add a privacy screen of some sort.  That corner below the window is the designated spot for the hot tub (someday!).

Try not to look to closely at the bedsheet "curtains" or the old air condition unit in the window.  We have a central air system and have had it since we bought the house but it's yet to be hooked up! Too busy or something!

More pictures/plans coming-Stay tuned!
3 comments on "deck update"
  1. Looks awesome! I wish we could have afforded to use cedar.. it makes a difference!

  2. Clean work. For anyone else who stumbled upon this -- note the deck is flush/even with the bottom of the door/interior floor. Normally a deck is dropped 3-4" in this area (Virginia) so water doesn't leak in!

    1. Thanks for your comment Brian. We haven't had any water issues and get plenty of rain in iowa. Might have to do with the roof overhang and there's enough space between the ground and the deck for water to drain.


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