Monday, June 03, 2013

all decked out!

Well there was no sitting around this weekend!

Saturday morning, Cam dragged me outta bed around 6am! So much for sleeping in. I whipped up some French toast (it's usually that or our favorite waffles) and Cam made a big pot of coffee to fuel us for the day! It was time to build a deck!

I headed out to the quarry for a final load of rock. Then we got a work out shoveling a total of 3 tons, which we spread out below the deck. There's a layer of heavy-duty landscape fabric under the rock which will keep grass/weeds from growing up through the deck and let water drain when it rains.

Over the memorial weekend (when we were supposed to build the deck, but didn't thanks to the never ending rain!), we had already rented an auger, dug holes (with help from family) and poured concrete to set the deck posts on.

Since that part was done, the guys attached the posts to the concrete and started building the structure.
They worked late into the evening Saturday night and made good progress!
Cam and his brother in law Jimmy spent Sunday afternoon working on it again. Of course having a little helper around sped things up :)
As of today, here's how things look. It's a good size deck (roughly 30 by 15 feet), so it'll take some time to finish it.  The structural parts under the deck are all green treated wood, but the exposed parts will all be stained cedar.
It's shaping up nicely! Here's the drawing Cam made on Google Sketch Up. It'll give you a rough idea of what the finished deck will look like.  The tall posts you see are where we are going to add privacy screens.
Since the deck is so low, we're not required to have railings, so we wrapped the stairs around and also made them wider then usual.
Hopefully tonight we can do a little more work on it and I can keep sharing the progress as well as ideas we have for the rest of the yard!
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