Thursday, May 30, 2013

may: where'd it go?

Yikes! This past month just flew by! So much happened, and so much is still happening.

As always, we've got projects left, right and center, but we managed to sneak a little fun into the month too. I threw a few pictures together in a collage of sorts to catch you all up to date.

From top R to L:

We took off for a little family get away to MO. It rained and was freezing cold but we still had fun between shopping, eating out, and a car show. And the pool. Can you tell how much little T-man LOVES to swim?

I managed to pull off a surprise trip to AZ and visit my family. It was insanely hot, so the kids lived off freezees, popsicles and ice cream :) My sister's boy, Braedon sporting a chocolate mustache!

The cousins loved being together. Talmadge and Braedon were inseparable. We often found them sitting together holding hands. I really wish my family lived closer!

Having a girl's night out to Cheesecake factory for appetizers and desserts! Even Serena joined in on the fun.

Cousin Emma "helping" bath Serena in the sink. She'd pull her step stool up every evening to give Nana a hand.

Papa even made it up from Mexico to spend some quality time with the kids. They had a blast with him!

Poor Cam. While I was gallivanting around in AZ, he was home hard at work. He made lots of progress on the trim though, and we've even started installing the baseboards in the basement. It looks soo good!

Here's more of his handiwork on our living room windows. Now I just have a million nail holes to fill and sand before we can paint.

Then there was the memorial day weekend.  We were all hyped up to build a deck, had rented the auger you see and poured cement when it decided to rain! So the deck will have to wait.  As soon as things dry up enough we hope to get back at it.

I think we're caught up now! I'll share more plans about the deck soon.  In the mean time we're trying to get as much done inside as our FLOORING(!!!!) should be ready to pick up and install in a few weeks!

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