Friday, May 31, 2013

Good ideas!

Need a fun, easy and cheap(bonus: it's functional too!)project for your weekend? I might just have one for you.

Maybe you already own a vintage trunk and it's just sitting around looking old, brown and dingy. If you don't, they're all over craigslist for cheap, or maybe you have a relative that would be willing to pass one along. Anyways, get your hands on one, then pick up a can of paint and pull out a paint brush (see my favorite brushes HERE). 

Rustoleum's enamel would be perfect for this project and they come in lots of fun colors.  I'm dying to paint one a bright color for T-man's room.  If you want a modern look, use a glossy finish and bold color.  If vintage, shabby-chic, and casual is more your thing, try a matte or distressed look. 

You could paint the entire thing, or leave some of the (likely brass) hardware exposed for a cool look.  A quick wipe down to remove dirt and grime should be all that's needed before painting. The aged condition of the trunk will just add character once you paint it.

Use your revamped piece as a coffee table, toy chest, bench etc. Now you have a surface for display (Unless you have a busy toddler who just pulls everything apart!) and added storage inside!

Inspired? Let me know if you do try this out! I'd love to see the results.

Have a great weekend! We're crossing our fingers the weather cooperates so we can finally build a deck!
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  1. It is interesting that your post is about trunks since I like them but I actually do not have one. You are right that they are readily available though. The great thing about this idea is that the trunk can add to just about any room in any color scheme.

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