Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Here's a little of what our weekend looked like.

We made a bit of a mess inside....


....and outside!

(mmm...Melted ice cream and strawberries!)

So happy to finally have a few warm days.  Our little guy loves being outdoors (doesn't every kid?) and I've discovered he'll play for hours with a shovel and some dirt! Looks like that's how we'll be spending our summer!

The trim is coming along a little faster then I thought it would. The kids have gotten used to the noise of all the tools and can sleep right through it!

I also started painting over the weekend. There's lots of that to do!

And this little girl is oblivious to the mess and chaos surrounding her! She just lays there and smiles at it all!

How was your weekend? Fun? Productive....or both?
2 comments on "Weekend Recap"
  1. Your productivity amazes me... :)
    And your little girl sounds just like ours - soooo thankful for easy (so far!) 2nd kids! Very excited for warmer days too - being outside just makes us all happier. :D

  2. I'm impressed! You got a lot accomplished in one weekend. Especially with such cute little kiddos around :)


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