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office changes + coupon code

I'll warn you this isn't the most exciting post I've wrote, but I want to show you some of the things were doing to get ready for our trim./floor install upstairs.  I guess these posts just show the reality of a DIY renovation. They're messy, time consuming and unglamorous. It's not like the design shows on TV, that's for sure!

Since we'll start installing the trim and flooring upstairs and work our way down, we had a few things to fix to get ready.  At the end of the hallway, there's a room that was a bedroom but is being converted to an office.  The reason for this is that in order to get to Talmadge's new room, you have to walk through this office room first.  Talmadge's room was added on with the addition so this changed the layout a little.

For fun, you can see what the room looked like right after we bought the house.  The only thing we had done so far was pull up the carpet. I should say Cameron and his parents pulled them up as I was still living in Canada at the time. I had come to Iowa to see this house and after walking through it (and somehow thinking it was a good idea to buy it!), I found out how allergic I was to mold. I went home and was sick for a week or more! So the carpets were removed before I came back. Pretty sure it must have been a fun job :)

This view below is in the same room.  If you were standing in front of the windows looking back you can see the doorway (which we just removed) leading to the hallway.  To the right is the door that opens to Talmadge's new room. It used to be a window before we added on to the house.

I'm a little sad we didn't have a camera of our own when we started renovating. We didn't get to document some of the really messy parts of the demolition. Throughout the entire house, all the lath and plaster was knocked down and removed.  It involved friends and family showing up with sledge hammers, gloves, safety glasses, masks, shovels, etc. You get the picture...lots of backbreaking work!
It took months of work, but everything in this room was replaced or updated. Doors, window, electrical, insulation, drywall....the works!
Last weekend, Cameron removed the door to the office and patched up the wall where a new door to Talmadge's room was installed. Removing the office door opens up the space and allows some natural light into the hallway. The door to the left that you see below has been turned into a linen closet.
Office door removed.
New door to the bedroom, drywall ready to be patched up.
Same door to the bedroom with drywall patched.
Fixing up the new opening to the office.

Mudding and sanding the new opening to the office.
Cameron's finishing the final coats of mud in the new opening and then we'll be ready to paint the space.  The office was painted a few years ago, but we're both tired of the grey.  I think we'll look for something a little brighter and lighter.  The hallway is painted Grey Cashmere by Benjamin Moore. It's a light blue-green and we carried it down the stairwell and into the living room as well.

Stairwell being painted last year. More about that HERE
Sherwin Williams is having a 40 % off paint sale this coming weekend if you're thinking of painting a room.  I might pick up some to repaint the office if we can decide on a color.  Also, you can get a coupon for another $10.00 off $50.00 if you go to their website and use the store locator.  Just enter your ZIP and it'll bring up a printable coupon (Here's the link: ). Every little bit helps right?

Just a side note about SW paint: When I buy paint from them, I prefer the Duration line. Their Super Paint is good too, but I find the eggshell/satin finish has too much shine for my taste. With the Duration, you can get a matte finish that can be wiped clean and is pretty durable.

So that's that. Hope I didn't bore you with my rambling update!

P.S. I wasn't paid to post about SW, just wanted to share a good deal that I often use myself!

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  1. Thanks so much for the coupon code. I think I am going to do some painting finally at our house!


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