Tuesday, April 23, 2013

getting started

The delivery truck showed up on Friday as scheduled. 

Now we have stacks and stacks of trim and baseboard piled up in our dining room and kitchen. A climbing gym for the toddler and an obstacle course for me.

It also means we don't have a dining table to eat at. Try sitting up to your coffee table instead and eating spaghetti with a little toddler who can "feed himself"!

Anyways, Cam wasted no time getting started on installing it last weekend. We've quickly learned that this is going to be a project that drags on and on.

The noise from saws, an air compressor and nail guns doesn't mix well with the two little ones, especially their naptime/bedtimes.  Of course those times would be the most convenient time to work too.  I guess, little by little we'll do what we can, when we can to get this all installed!

 In all of the upper level rooms, Cam has added the jamb extensions and filled in the gaps around the windows with foam insulation so they're ready for trim.

Here's a peek at Talmadge's room. You can see it's painted and the wall sconces are up

This is the casing all cut and laid out for the window above, ready to be installed. It's going to look awesome, I think!

That's about as far as we've gotten with trim. I'll share more as things move along!
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  1. my parents were building when my sisters and I were little. they could run a saw in the next room (with a sheet doorway between of course) and not wake my little sister from her nap. It's all how you train them:P:P


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