Wednesday, March 06, 2013

a bright idea!

Most of the "light fixtures" (if you can call them that) in our house look like this.

Or worse, like this. Meet my semi-flush kitchen light.

I guess this one isn't pretty either.

Not technically a light fixture yet.  Just a cobweb wrapped cord above my sink.

The only "real" fixtures I have are in our stairwell and bathroom(it was a gift). This light in our stairwell was only purchased because it was such a steal. $50.00 instead of the original price of $470.00. I can usually talk Cameron into deals like that. 

And two fixtures for under $8.00. I can talk him into prices like that too.  

See, I tend to get the cart in front of the horse when it comes to renovating. Or so I'm told now and then. I'm too anxious to start decorating before we're even finished with the construction/renovating. 

But about the $8.00 we recently spent. Here's where it went.

The last time Cameron and I were in Menards together picking up yet another bucket of drywall mud, a suggestion was made by yours truly that we take a stroll through the lighting section. Just for fun.

Of course, Cameron was more then thrilled with the idea, and as we made our way past the outdoor lighting, I saw Jelly Jar lanterns for $3.98 each.  Even Cameron liked them and we both agreed they would suit Talmadge's currently-in-progress room.

We wired this room to have a wall sconce on either side of the window(as well as a ceiling fixture). I'd like his room to have a vintage-modern feel and I think these lights are spot on for that style! 

(That's almost 9 mo. of baby belly trying to get in the photo!)
We brought them home and checked that the size and scale was right for the room.

Aren't they cute? Perfect for a little boy's room and you really can't beat that price! 

Sometimes, just thinking a little outside the box gives you more options. These are considered outdoor lights, but used inside, they're a little less expected. NOTE: Don't use indoor lights outside, as the elements of nature will ruin them and it's not safe to do.

I have my eye on a few ceiling fixtures that don't match the jelly jar lights, but still coordinate. Unfortunately they're more then $3.98, so I'll likely have to wait! 

In the mean time, here's our little guy playing in his room. It's the first place he runs to when he wakes up in the morning. Lots of things to get into!

Pretty sure he'll be just as happy as I will be when he can move in!

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  1. you know how many times I've looked at those lights?! I don't have anywhere they work in my house though.


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