Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another weekend spent working on the house! No complaints about that, as I'm always happy to see progress.

A few weeks ago, Talmadge's bedroom looked like this.

(A few people have asked how you access this bedroom, since it's the "attic" room in the addition, above the dining room. The room lined up nicely with our upstairs office, so we cut a doorway into this room from there - see bottom image of this post.)

After insulating the walls, wiring for lights and outlets and putting up drywall, we've started to mud and tape.  It might not be especially exciting to you, but for us, it's one step closer to a finished, useable room.  And with a new baby on it's way in less then two weeks, that's a very good thing!

I also started cleaning up the office, where all tools, drywall scraps and other miscellanious things have been hanging out while we work on the bedroom.

Since I wasn't about to make 30 trips up and down the stairs carrying drywall pieces, I got the go ahead to pitch them out the window.  Convenient!

Someone else gets to load it into the truck to haul away!
The doorway has been cut out for a new door, although there'll be some work to be done so the door fits. Measurements were off by an inch or less, so that needs to be fixed before the door is installed.

So that's where we're at as of today. Maybe not the most inspiring pictures, but this is real life renovating!

I'm also crossing my fingers I find the time (and energy?!) to finally finish my chair that's been in the works for far too long.  I'm done once and for all with painting the frame and have more to tell you about that. Expect to see a finish project soon (see snippets about it on my Facebook page, or Like to follow me there: Swoon! Interiors Facebook Page).
2 comments on "Weekend Recap"
  1. Looking good Mama!! Do you have the colors picked out? It is coming along nicely, though the clock is ticking before Baby Mac is due!!

  2. what a great space! i love those angled walls and love all of your inspiration photos! it's going to be gorgeous!


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