Monday, February 04, 2013

weekend fun

Pulling the "But I'm 8 months pregnant!" card doesn't always work for me around here. I tried it over the weekend, but I guess 4' long pieces of insulation isn't considered "heavy lifting" by someone else.

After whining (the stuff is SO itchy, and the room SO cold!) a lot little, I got to work and helped Cameron insulate Talmadge's bedroom.

We're pretty well finished with the insulation now, and Cam pulled the wires for lighting and outlets.  Tonight the Papa is coming to help Cam start putting up drywall. 8 foot sheets of drywall are on the heavy side, so we recruited help.

I'll likely busy myself keeping a little guy out of trouble. A full time job some days!

Happy Monday friends!
2 comments on "weekend fun"
  1. What a handy guy you have, and you too. You both have done amazing things. I love that new room-it's going to be great! Hope youre feeling good, take care of yourself!
    xo Nancy

  2. Oh dear, why is it that the little always wait for you to be busy so they can pull all the wipes out the container?

    The room is going to have such great ceilings! Reminds me of A Country Farmhouse's spread in this month's Country Living.

    Eight months pregnant...whew.


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