Friday, February 08, 2013

something to try!

Have you ever used these before?

If you've caught on to the chalkboard trend, you may want to pick up a pack of these! The colors are awesome and the angled marker tip makes non-professional handwriting like mine look a little neater! While they're not dirt cheap, they last a long time. Back in my college days, I worked at Starbucks where we used these markers for our menu boards and were able to get a lot of mileage from them.

You can find them on Amazon, or likely your office supply store. Mine were a Christmas gift (thanks, Mom!), and I've been playing with them ever since on my mirror-turned-chalkboard.

If you don't have a chalkboard surface in your house, these work on glass or mirror as well and clean up easy too. No dust to deal with like regular chalk!

And for the few who have asked if this 4'11" lady can reach her new stacked washer and dryer, the answer is: Yes! If they were any higher, I'd be on my tip toes. They're the perfect height and I'm loving them!

Have a great weekend! I'm looking forward to mine! We're taking a break from reno work and having some fun with nieces and nephews!

3 comments on "something to try!"
  1. I haven't chalkboard painted anything yet, but It is on my list of "must tries". Will have to remember these.

    Oh, and it is nice to meet someone the same height as me! Well, I lie and say I"m 5.0 :)

  2. I love that chalkboard!! And the stripes! Did you trace your letters? Or just free hand it?

    1. Thanks! That's freehand with the markers-they make all the difference!


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