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Newborn Essentials

The countdown is on for baby No. 2 to arrive. My C-section is scheduled for the morning of March 8th. I can't believe it's almost time to meet our new baby! My mom is flying in from AZ today and we have lots to do to get ready for the little one's arrival! 

Now I can't claim to be a very experienced mother, only having a toddler around, but I can say that there are a few things which quickly became my favorites when that toddler was a newborn! 

I've rounded them up to share with you, since I'm bound to use them again when we bring home our wee one.

Keep in mind, these are just the basic, every day items. Obviously, there's plenty of other things you'll need for baby and mommy, not to mention the big ticket things like a stroller and car seat.  Without further ado, here's my list of must have items:

Layer these under any and every outfit you wear on your newborn. Lets just say an extra layer saved a few outfits for us. Babies make some serious messes!

I'm pretty partial to Aveda since I've been using their all-natural products for years.  Cheap? No, but worth every penny. We all use this shampoo in our house as it's the only thing that keeps our scalp healthy.  But it's also awesome for a newborn as a shampoo and body wash since it's so gentle(not to mention, it smells awesome!). It's nice to just have one product everyone can use to cut down on the bottles cluttering up a shower.

These are so popular for good reason. They're more then just trendy and cute! I LOVE these. Here's why: They're really big, stretchy and extremely lightweight, making them perfect for swaddling your baby. They also clean up well, and stains came out every time.  Each wash only made them softer. I found them handy for a burp cloth in a pinch, a nursing cover and stroller/carseat cover too. There's tons of adorable patterns available online, but I also found they were less expensive if you bought them in store at Target.

I can't say enough good things about this oil. It took care of cradle cap that usually shows up during the baby's first few weeks. I rub a few drops (a little goes a long way) into his scalp and let it sit for a while before gently combing it out. Worked like a charm! 
This also makes a great massage lotion for baby after their bath, and soothes their dry skin especially in the winter. If you're still pregnant, buy some now to use on your growing tummy, it helps with the itchiness due to your skin stretching.

It's pretty tricky to trim a newborn's nails, isn't it? Talmadge wore these around the clock for a good few weeks after he was born. If he didn't have a pair on, he was bound to scratch his face. They're nice and tiny and stayed put.

Cheap, unscented and textured. If you've changed a dirty diaper, you know why a bit of texture is helpful. Enough said, I think! 

I didn't use cloth diapers with our baby, but I used these as spit cloths. Super absorbent, large and easy to clean. Don't even bother with anything else :)

For the first while, there was always a bucket of water and a few scoops of this stain remover going. Toss in soiled clothes, blankets, burp cloths, etc to soak until you have a chance to put things through the washer. It took care of a lot of stains! 

Purchased new, I think they're pricey. Lucky for me, I found a used one for cheap on Craigslist. They're modern looking, my baby loved rocking in it and the best part? The fabric seat unzips to go right into the washer when needed. I also used a magic eraser when the plastic would get scuffed and it still looks good as new! They take up little space (a good thing since it seems like your house is invaded with baby gear!) and are adjustable too.

I actually never got attached to any certain brand of diaper cream since we didn't have issues with that. My nurse gave me a tip that I followed consistently: She told me to start using a cream at every diaper change to prevent a rash instead of trying to get rid of them after they start.

This stuff worked for our little guy when he was gassy and fussy. Some say it does work, some say they don't notice a difference, but it's worth trying!

These are the best! Sure, it's fun dressing up a baby in cute outfits, but after they mess the 3rd one, you'll resort to these. I didn't care for the sack type sleepers since they always rode up and left the legs bare. Also, skip the snaps and buttons. When you're blurry- eyed and half asleep dressing a tiny baby at 3 AM, a zipper is a wonderful thing! The footed sleepers also help keep socks on those tiny feet. Soft, comfortable, convenient, inexpensive and cute-What more can you ask for?

Did I miss anything that you just had to have when you brought home a newborn? I'd love to hear! 

Anything that helped you care for a second child while keeping up with a toddler?
I'm still trying to find a wrap or carrier that's really easy to use and comfortable to free up my hands when needed-Your feedback is welcome here!!!
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  1. My most invaluable item when Kai was born was this: Someone gave it to me and I used it constantly. She came home from the hospital with a cold, so she slept in it in our room, as well as naps, since it kept her more upright and helped her breathe better. It also was great since it kept her a little more out of a curious brother's way...and I could easily move her around to wherever in the house I was working. Target also sells these, but not sure on the price.

    1. That's likely going to be my big challenge, keeping the baby out of big brother's reach!

  2. Great list! AMEN to the zipper sleepers... I find the zippered ones not as easy to find up here, but I have enough in rotation for our little MJ that I've only used snaps ONCE! YAY :) I also have the Rock-n-play sleeper this time around... was great the first few nights when I was in a different room with her... and now I love it during the day to move her around if needed and it protects her a bit from AJ's curious attention :) As for wraps... I highly recommend the moby... I used it with AJ when he was a baby - to about 6/7 months... then switched to the Ergo cause he was too big. I've already used the Moby a few times with MJ - keeps her close and cozy while chasing AJ, walking or prepping supper. It takes a few times to get used to how to tie it (looks overwhelming at first) but then is super easy. One of my favorite baby items from my experience with AJ.
    Can't believe your babe is almost here! YAY :) Good luck Mama... it's not too bad with 2 little ones... (so far with my almost 6 wks of experience)... Hope your mom can stick around for a bit though until you get enough naps in to feel a bit more human again. ;)

    1. Thanks! Will have to try on a Moby (they always look cute too!) and see how it feels. Good to hear things are going well with you and the little ones!

  3. You need a cute (big) diaper bag for 2. Especially once you start potty training your toddler you will need space for spare clothes, undies, etc. I have a skiphop and LOVE it. A carrier is great, I chose a structured one that Matt can wear too. For a stroller we like the Graco sit and stand. Layla doesn't really like riding anymore so it was great and she loves to stand or sit on the bench. It folds up nice and flat and isn't heavy.
    Other than that once you are in a grove, having 2 is easy peasy!

    1. My siblings went in on a really nice, and really large diaper bag and I pack it full! Might have to look into the sit and stand style stroller as Talmadge doesn't care for riding much (or being buckled in is more the issue, I think!) Thanks for the advice/encouragement!


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