Monday, February 25, 2013

My kind of Monday!

While I had planned to finish up working on my chair today, I threw that plan out the window as soon as a friend called and told me she'd be in town for the day with her two kiddos, Avrill and Drew(Talmadge loves hanging with them too). Target, Starbucks, Panera and Barnes & Noble? Catching up with a friend? Out of the house on a beautiful sunny day? I can delay a project one more day for that!

Then, if that wasn't fun enough, I arrived home to a big package on my doorstep.  I racked my brain as to what it could be, since I haven't ordered anything online in some time.  Opening it up, I discovered this.

Yep, cleaning supplies that made this homemaker/housewife/work-from-home mommy one happy gal!

Mrs. Meyers sent me this package as a thank you for feedback I gave them on their website. It was completely unrelated to my blog, but they asked a while back if they could use my comments in future marketing, and in return, they would send a "little" gift.

There's nothing little about this gift! A bucket FULL of amazing scented, all natural, super cute (that packaging!) products to use.

The Mrs. Meyers products have a great story behind them too. This brand is inspired by a real life Mother,Thelma. And, she's from Iowa and raised 9 kids (With 8 siblings myself, I think that's pretty cool!). Her spunky attitude comes through in the perfectly thought out details of the products:The scents, packaging, wording, etc. It's those little things that make something as tedious actually seem fun!

To wrap up my already great day, we packed up our little family and made a trip to Menards for more drywall mud, but came home with something else for Talmadge's room.

More about it soon!

Don't you love when your day just unexpectedly becomes great for little reasons? Hope your week is off to a good start too!

PS. I wasn't paid or asked to post about Mrs. Meyers - Just enjoy sharing things I use and love!
2 comments on "My kind of Monday!"
  1. I would have gone crazy-happy if I had gotten such a lovely gift from Mrs. Meyers! Love her brand and her story!

  2. What a fun day! I love those kind, and would toss any plans to visit with a friend. I didn't know the story behind Mrs. Meyers- isn't that a great product and marketing. Enjoy your week, love all your projects and wishing you a wonderful last few weeks of pregnancy!
    xo Nancy


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