Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More upholstery + sources for you!

If you're following me on Facebook (if you're not, and want to, you can right HERE), you would have seen that I've dug in and got to work on upholstering this chair. 

You also likely noticed that I'm using my lovely Greek Key fabric. Such a classic print, isn't it?

Originally I had planned to use the fabric on this chair HERE.  But plans have since changed. 

I decided against using the greek key on the chair above, because I want something a little more durable and kid friendly. I think it would be great to use this chair in one of the kid's rooms as a place to curl up and read. So I'm waiting until I find the right fabric for that.

But back to the chair I'm working on.  Here's the progress as of last night.

The seat is upholstered, so all that's left is the seat back. It shouldn't take me long to complete! 

What I'm trying to decide on now, is how to trim it. I could sew a double welt from the fabric, or else use a ribbon trim (likely grosgrain) and add these nickel plated nails I bought a while back.

It would be an easy way to add some color and detail to the black and white color scheme that's happening. What do you think?

I went to local fabric stores yesterday to see what was available for ribbon and trims.  Unfortunately, I left empty handed and dissapointed with their selection. Instead, I've been looking online at some of my favorite sites and have had better luck. It got me thinking I should share some of these resources with you incase you're ever looking for supplies!

Here's a little list of sites that I like to order from or else would recommend because of their selection:

Online Fabric Store
This site is where I usually buy my upholstery products.  When I need to replace batting or webbing, the insides of a chair, this is where I shop.  Good prices and good service! They also have a ton of fabrics and trim available too.

MJ Trimming
I'm likely going to order my grosgrain trim from them as they seem to have the best colors and variety of widths. They also have lots of craft/jewelry supplies, so if that's your thing, you'll like them!

Lewis and Sheron Textiles
I love browsing their fabric selection. They're always adding to it and have reasonable prices for high quality designer fabrics. Also, check out their patterned trim if you ever want to dress up the edges of your curtains or shades!

Inside Fabric
A great site for discounted designer fabrics. Plenty of patterns to choose from and a well organized site.
I've used this site a few times for projects. They also carry sewing supplies and sometimes have easy to find coupon codes online or by email.

House Fabric
More discounted designer fabric.  I have my eye on a few prints from here!

Decorator's Best.
You really have to dig around on this site, but they have a huge selection of to the trade fabrics and wallpapers.  A little time consuming, but great if you're looking for something specific.

That list should keep you busy for a while! Please feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions about my projects. I'd love to try to help you out if you're working on something similar!
4 comments on "More upholstery + sources for you!"
  1. oh my. amazing. love, love the fabric choice.

  2. That chair is going to be fab. Do you have a good source for down pillow inserts? I need 15+ 22" square pillows for a big project. Any suggestions? Hard to judge quality when browsing online.

  3. There are many websites available on the internet which sells simple upholstery fabric, designer upholstery fabrics online, but before purchasing always read customer reviews of that online store.


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