Thursday, February 28, 2013

a long awaited upgrade

Is anyone else like me and can spot a clearance bin, rack or tag from a mile away? You have to at least see what the deal is, right?

I made a quick stop at Home Depot today for a pack of upholstery staples. That's was all I went in for.

Then I crossed paths with a clearance bin. A clearance bin full of hardware! And it didn't look anything like blue painter's tape(see below). 

 At $1.50 each, the marked down pulls quickly made their way into my cart.  I came up short by about 10 pulls, but a helpful employee scanned them and will transfer the rest from another store for me. Perfect!

Once home, the next step would be to convince Cameron that mixing metal finishes is OK. In fact, it can look really good. In fact I even wrote a post HERE about just that!

I don't think he's convinced it's OK to use hardware that doesn't match our stainless appliances. He's definitely not excited about my aged brass pulls. In fact he said he wasn't, but still gave me the go ahead to use them anyways. Something about the decorating being "my thing", not his.

I love them and am happy to have hardware that stays on the cabinets when I open them. Pretty sure these won't rip off like tape does when put to use. Maybe if I bat my eyelashes he'll even install them this weekend.   Ha, like that's ever worked!

PS. I know some of our dear family members and friends will miss them. Looks like you'll have to find something else in our house to poke fun at. There's always our plywood floor....

5 comments on "a long awaited upgrade"
  1. Yay for hardware...though I was getting attached to those blue tape pulls, it made life more interesting. ;-)

  2. I think they are great!! Love em!!

  3. I love the brass and what a great deal! Thanks for stopping by my blog and now I am glad to have found yours. :)

  4. LOVE that hardware!!!
    also wanted to tell you about my blanket you liked. it is from west elm but last year on clearance and they don't have it anymore. :( i actually have it on the reverse side because i like it better!


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