Wednesday, February 13, 2013

getting started-again!

A few days ago, I dragged this piece up from the basement. My mom picked it up at a yard sale for $5.00, if I remember correctly. 

Last summer, I got around to removing the layers of(ugly)fabric, tightened all the webbing and started painting it. 

Painting the crevices and details with a brush ended in frustration when my finish dried less then smooth. By that point, I was not in the mood to sand again, so I stored it away. Until now!

Enter spray paint.  Matte spray paint to boot. 

I know there's all kinds of tutorials on how to paint furniture with a brush, but I like the results of spraying paint, especially on detailed pieces of furniture. I like it even better when I can convince Cam to do it with his professional grade spray gun!

After spending about an hour resanding(with help from my brother, who was just here for a couple days on his way through to Canada-Thanks Ben!), I taped off the chair to cover the webbing and springs. Here it's ready for the first coat.

I used Rustoleum Flat Protective Enamel in white, left over from a previous project, and started with a light first coat. 

Ideally, you should spray light, even layers to prevent drips. It's so tempting to spray until it's covered, but try hard not to. Paint will run, you'll have a drippy mess and find yourself sanding all over again! Another coat or two should be all we need here.

I'm hoping the matte finish will help modernize this curvy chair and also hide some of the frame's small imperfections. Glossy paint would only highlight the few dents and dings that didn't come out with sanding. We'll see if my trick works. Crossing my fingers it does!

As soon as the final coat of paint is dry, I'll be giving this chair fresh, new fabric. No more blah, peach colored satin!

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  1. Ooh, I can't wait to see what fabric you chose. Great tips on painting too. Once it warms up here in Michigan I fully intend to paint some things. :)


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