Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another house project!

When we learned we were expecting our first baby, I immediately started dreaming up the nursery! But it took all of two seconds for me to realize that in the middle of a house renovation, there simply wasn't going to be a cute, decorated nursery.

Was I disappointed? A little, but I knew it wasn't that important. Nursery or not, our little guy would have a safe, warm home and would be loved by us and many others, and that's what matters most. 

To this day, Talmadge still sleeps in a (borrowed) pack n' play and has been moved around from room to room as we work on various house projects (keeping him as far from the noise as possible), but I'm pretty sure he doesn't know the difference!

Here he's checking out the room through the cutout where a door will later be installed

That's all going to change. We are starting to insulate, wire and drywall a room for him to call his own!

This is actually the "attic" room above our dining room in the addition we built in 2010. It's a really big room for such a little guy. Because of this, there's talk of making it work as a bedroom + playroom + guestroom. I'll share those ideas/plans as we progress.

This weekend, we picked up insulation on sale at our local Menards. It's currently piled high in our dining room!

A few bags have been raked into the eaves as you can see below. Once all the insulation is in, we have some wiring to pull for lighting and outlets and then the drywall process starts. When I say we, I really mean Cam.  At this point in my pregnancy, this kind of work is off limits for me!

I'm excited to see another project underway at our house, especially since it's the last room needing drywall! It's going to be fun to set up for Talmadge, even if by then he's ready for a big boy bed! 
2 comments on "Another house project!"
  1. You guys are awesome thinkers. I can’t wait to see you guys start another house project. Renovations and restorations are great. If I don’t mind the expenses, I would probably do it annually, just to for the year to start fresh and end strong.

  2. Oh and by the way. Right now I am planning to give my parent’s home a masonry touch. Any suggestions how can I bring classic scenery with it?


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