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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another house project!

When we learned we were expecting our first baby, I immediately started dreaming up the nursery! But it took all of two seconds for me to realize that in the middle of a house renovation, there simply wasn't going to be a cute, decorated nursery.

Was I disappointed? A little, but I knew it wasn't that important. Nursery or not, our little guy would have a safe, warm home and would be loved by us and many others, and that's what matters most. 

To this day, Talmadge still sleeps in a (borrowed) pack n' play and has been moved around from room to room as we work on various house projects (keeping him as far from the noise as possible), but I'm pretty sure he doesn't know the difference!

Here he's checking out the room through the cutout where a door will later be installed

That's all going to change. We are starting to insulate, wire and drywall a room for him to call his own!

This is actually the "attic" room above our dining room in the addition we built in 2010. It's a really big room for such a little guy. Because of this, there's talk of making it work as a bedroom + playroom + guestroom. I'll share those ideas/plans as we progress.

This weekend, we picked up insulation on sale at our local Menards. It's currently piled high in our dining room!

A few bags have been raked into the eaves as you can see below. Once all the insulation is in, we have some wiring to pull for lighting and outlets and then the drywall process starts. When I say we, I really mean Cam.  At this point in my pregnancy, this kind of work is off limits for me!

I'm excited to see another project underway at our house, especially since it's the last room needing drywall! It's going to be fun to set up for Talmadge, even if by then he's ready for a big boy bed! 
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Affordable art for the little ones

Maybe it's because due date for baby # 2 is coming up quickly that I have all things kiddie on my mind. 

My sister, Shyla took a few pictures of me at Christmas (I'm due March 15th). They're the only ones I have of me expecting this time around so I thought I'd share one!

Anyways, after yesterday's post about displaying art, I wanted to follow up with some of my favorite resources for kid related prints.  

What I love most about the prints I'm about to show you is:  
a.) They're affordable. 
b.) They're CUTE! 
c.) They're not TOO juvenile. 

This means you can have artwork you love with very little expense, and you won't grow tired of it or have to worry that your little one will outgrow it anytime soon.

I'll start with my favorite company called the Caravan Shoppe. Their prints are sold as a download that you can print as many times as you wish. Most prints are only $5.00 to purchase, less if you bundle them together. I actually purchased The Zoo:Watercolor Animal set before Christmas and printed them at Staples. The Safari series went into simple white frames and made a perfect little gift for my little nephew.

The Zoo:Watercolor Animals by the Caravan Shoppe

Safari Animals by the Caravan Shoppe

Here is a small sampling of what they offer that would look equally adorable in a nursery, kids bedroom, or playroom.

I'll be Yours Print by the Caravan Shoppe
Hold on Print by the Caravan Shoppe
Modern Love print by the Caravan Shoppe
I Cannot Live Without Books Print by the Caravan Shoppe
Constellation Print by the Caravan Shoppe

I recently discovered that has a huge selection of prints that are geared toward kids.  Since many of them can be personalized and are available in a variety of sizes, I think they would make a unique and much appreciated baby shower or birthday gift.

Woodsy Monogram at
Sheep Dreams at
Numbered Animals at
Little Princess and the Pea at
Summer Picked Poppies at
You are Here at
Forever Sunshine at
Heritage Children at
Robot Family at has so many that are adorable, it was hard to choose just a few!

Another type of print I love are ones with scripture. I appreciate that my parents helped me memorize verses when I was young, and I would like to do the same with my kids. Having verses displayed around the house shows others you value the Bible. It not only helps with memorizing the Word of God, but gives us reminders and promises we can think on throughout the day.

Philippians by SSPrint Shop

Colossians by SSPrint Shop

Be sure to check our the SSPrint Shop's full selection as there a few prints that would be great gifts for couples or Valentines Day gifts!

Another shop I like for scripture prints is the Jones Design Company.

Glory by JDC
Whatever by JDC
Fruit by JDC
Made by JDC
If you have a chance, her blog, Jones Design Company is worth reading! She's one talented lady!

Care to share any resources you have for kid friendly art work? I'm all ears!

P.S I wasn't endorsed or paid in any way, shape or form from the companies mentioned. Just passing on great products that I really love!
Monday, January 21, 2013

Displaying kid's art

While doing a little virtual window shopping on One Kings Lane this weekend, I came across Wexel Art, a company that sells floating acrylic frames. They look super modern, but the best part is they make it easy to change out whatever you put inside.

Image Via One Kings Lane

A few of these frames hung together would make a great display filled with family photos, prints or even better, your kid's artwork.

Image Via Wexel Art 

We all know kids love to paint, draw and scribble! I think it's great when parents display their children's artwork around the home. It adds so much personality to a room! When my kids are old enough I plan to do the same with the things they create.  

Besides sticking the little one's masterpieces to the fridge with a magnet, I thought it'd be fun to share some ideas I've been keeping for integrating kid's artwork into your decor without it taking over or looking silly. Besides the floating frames above, here's a few other ways to get started.

1. Hang a gallery wall of vintage empty frames and secure a bulldog clip inside. Fill with artwork. Add and subtract pieces as desired!

Image Via a Storied Style

2. Simply arrange art directly on the wall and secure with pieces of fun colored washi tape. Another easy to remove solution. Search for a huge assortment of colored and patterned washi tape.

Image via One More Mushroom
 3. Paint a wall with magnetic paint and top with chalkboard paint (Rustoleum makes these products). A place to create and display all in one!

Image Via Caitlin Wilson Design
4. Purchase inexpensive, simple matching frames and hang in a grid for a bold but cohesive display.

Image Via A Cup of Jo
How do you feel about kids artwork on your walls? I'm all for it!