Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our coffee bar

It's been hard these last few days to think about anything besides the tragedy that happened in Connecticut last week. My heart goes out to those whose lives have been changed forever, and we have been praying for their comfort and healing during this time.  There really are no words to say how I feel about it, and as a mom I have been hugging my loved ones closer ever since.

I wanted to share our little coffee bar that's up and running now.  I think what I love most about it is that it holds pieces that have special meaning to me.

While it's by no means finished (hello tape "handles"), I'm happy to have it set up and I'll slowly add in pieces (I have my eye on artwork that would be perfect here) over time.

Even the little espresso machine has a story behind it. When Cam and I were first married and dirt poor, I saved up every penny I could and bought him this Delonghi machine.  It was around $100.00, but at that time, it seemed like a huge amount of money to me and I was so proud of myself for surprising him with it. I even picked up the little shot glasses, wrapped them separately, and made him open them first as a hint at what his real gift was. We still laugh about it today.

The china set was passed down to me from my mom. It was given to her and Dad as a wedding gift from my great uncle and aunt who lived in England. Every Sunday, Mom would make a huge (delicious!) dinner and we would set the table with this china. There are a few missing pieces, since with 9 kids at the table, there were bound to be a few accidents! I loved the china as a kid and would often be found rearranging the pieces in our china cabinet.

The creamer set is from my grandparents.  I love the gold finish and the way it stacks together!

The rest of our shelves are perfect for storing syrups, our coffee grinder, tea set and more. When we built the bar, we added outlets to the back of the shelves and wall for the appliances, so they could stay plugged in. So handy!

Most evenings after supper, we find ourselves steaming eggnog, making tea or other coffee drinks here.  Once we're able to entertain more frequently, it'll be put to use often for our guests!

Even if you don't have a built in coffee bar, there are other ways to set up something similar to this. 

Head over to my Pinterest board (HERE) for a few ideas!
2 comments on "Our coffee bar"
  1. I love your coffe bar Janna. I would love to have one. Have you looked on Replacements,Ltd. to find those missing pieces for your moms china? I found my moms and replaced some. Happy new year to you and all the best in 2013,
    Xo Nancy

  2. What a beautiful (and functional) way to display antique teacups and saucers. Love it!


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