Tuesday, December 04, 2012

an upgrade, stripes and more

Thanks to the recent Black Friday sales, these two appliances are soon to show up at our house.
You know you're a grown up when you get very, very excited about new appliances. 

It might have to do with my dryer being an ancient (but appreciated) hand me down, with one setting (extra hot), and a door that won't stay latched.  Not only that, but the washer and dryer we've been using has been "temporarily" set up in our "someday" master bathroom.  Since it was meant to be temporary, the dryer isn't vented to the outside. I am forever trying to clean up dust.

But thanks to the recent Black Friday Sales at Home Depot, this set of LG stacking, front load washer and dryer are coming to stay with us.
They're going to live right here.

This closet is off our dining room, making it a convenient, main floor laundry space.  Once we have a dining table (we plan on having a really large one), it'll be the perfect spot for folding laundry, but I'll also be able to tuck away any mess behind the french doors we'll install.

But for the fun part.
Stripes. Bold black and white stripes. Something like this.

Cam thinks I'm crazy.  "Why would you go to all that work for a closet?"

But I love when tiny spaces have as much thought put into them as large rooms.  And I like black and white, I like stripes and I do a lot of laundry. So that's why.

I have already painted the white base coat and am giving it a couple days to cure before I go to town with tape, a level and black paint.

We'll also need to build in some shelving beside the stacking appliances (they're too wide to fit side by side) to store laundry essentials.  I'm hoping for something similar to what happened over at YHL.

Our appliances won't be delivered until the week before Christmas, but I'm hoping to at least have the stripes painted to show you before then.

And by the way, you might have noticed my grandma's mirror turned chalkboard.  We finally got around to hanging it.

I'll show you the steps it took to complete it sometime.  A little practice is needed with my hand writing skills, but for now it's fun for jotting whatever quotes I come across and enjoy.
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  1. Janna, I am loving every single thing you are doing to your house. Cam is an amazing carpenter, and I love the angled bookcase in the basement and the glass wall...wow, very impressive. I'm about to makeover my laundry room, but I have to use my old W & D which I hate. Congrats on getting the LG series!
    xo Nancy


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