Monday, December 10, 2012

A stripey closet!

There's my fun little laundry closet!

It looks a lot more exciting then it used to, don't you think?

It was a little more tedious then I expected, but worth the effort!

Here's the basic steps we took to complete this project over the weekend.

First we measured from floor to ceiling and then found a number that divided nicely into that to give us the width of our stripes.  Our ceiling was 105" and 7" goes into that 15 times.  So our stripes are 7 inches wide.  It also helps you know how many stripes you'll have on the wall if you need to visualize it first.

Next, we measured and marked every 7" with a pencil in the corners, all the way around the room.
After that was finished we used painter's tape and started at the top of the wall.  We found it easiest to start in the corner and run a continuous piece of tape around the top and bottom of each stripe.  Having someone hold the tape at your first mark, allows you to unroll the tape and pull it taught, then set it where your next mark is to get a straight line.

Once all your tape is on the wall, take a credit card and run it along to make sure there are no bubbles or gaps that will let paint seep through.

The next step I took was to "dry brush" some paint along the tape to help seal it and prevent leaks.  I may not have had my brush quite dry enough, as there were a few spots it seeped a little. I also cut in the corners too, and then was ready to roll.

Using a small foam roller and working from the top, I started painting! It was clear that two coats were needed, so I let the paint dry over night.

Once you apply your second coat, you need to remove the tape while the paint is still wet. This helps to get a crisp line and prevents paint from lifting like it could if you waited until it was dry to remove it.

Did I mention we used almost 2 rolls of tape?

In about a week, our washer and dryer should show up! Then someday, we'll have flooring, shelving and doors! But for now, I'm happy to look at these stripes!

Here's the link to my post about our new appliances if you want to see what's coming:

Hope you like it as much as I do. Or more then Cam does. I asked him what he thought and after a long pause he replied "it's really stripey."  Stripey. Is that even a word??
6 comments on "A stripey closet!"
  1. HAHA- well, if he doesn't love it, it'll give him more incentive to give you doors:P

  2. Now come North and you can do mine :)Looks great!

  3. I put a name in there so I had to delete, sorry. I like it. Does hubby? Or was it just too much work for something that will be hidden from everyone??

  4. I just love the stripey laundry room. They make a small room stand out. Wish you could take a trip to Mexico and give my place a makeover.
    lookinf forward to having u all here for Christmas. Hugs and kisses to sweet Talmadge from nana...


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