Friday, November 02, 2012

The Basement:continued

Last weekend, we were able to finish up the last of the dreaded drywall work.

That meant the walls were ready to prime, so I took on the job with no complaints. Rolling the walls gives me such a sense of accomplishment, even if it's just primer.

However, progress was s-l-o-w, given that I was only priming during nap time and when I wasn't trying to keep this little guy out of mischief!

So Cameron, being the nice guy that he is, stepped in and had it finished in no time!

It's so bright and white, you would hardly know it's a basement! Above is the view going down to the basement from the dining room. You can see we've started to add trim around the recently installed glass railing. Cameron has also started to replace the temporary treads and risers on the stairs (hence the missing step).

Surprisingly, that window brings in a lot of natural light. That, combined with the 3 rows of recessed lights (all on dimmers), means there's no chance of this basement ever feeling dark or dingy.

To close in the stairwell, and make good use of the space, we are planning a built-in bookcase. Finally, extra storage and a place to display some of the items I've had packed in boxes for years. I expect to be arranging and rearranging things on a regular basis!

I've started putting the first coat of ceiling paint on. Next up is installing the subfloor. The to-do list is still long, but we're happy to be scratching items off one by one. Stay tuned for further progress and plans!
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