Friday, October 05, 2012

Sentimental Value. Modern Flair.

In two more days, my aunt and uncle from Canada will be en route to my house, stopping in for a night on their way to Arizona. I'm very excited to see them, of course, but I'm also thrilled with what they're bringing ... a few pieces from my Grandma's house that will find a new resting spot somewhere in ours. My sweet Grandma passed away this past summer. We miss her smile, strength, wit, and so much more. Having a few of her things to display will keep memories of her close.

One of the items arriving this weekend is a really, really large mirror that hung in her entry for as long as I can remember. The frame is traditional and very ornate, so (you know me...) I have plans to modernize it a little (or a lot) and repurpose it.

The next few photos might give you a sense of my vision for the mirror: think chalk! I have been wanting to paint a chalkboard wall for ages but can't get Cameron on board. He mumbles something about teaching kids not to write on walls?! But I got a glimpse of this chalkboard art awhile back and can't get it out of my mind, or off my to-do list!

The artist who creates these drawings is Dana Tanamachi. Her website even features a few time lapse videos, which I have watched hoping to learn a few tricks.

I'll use my mirror-turned-chalkboard as a place to write my favorite scripture verses and inspirational quotes. (Most of the latter originate from C.S. Lewis. Wasn't he an incredible writer and thinker?) And, I confess I'm drawn in by the lack of permanence. Write. Draw. Erase. Repeat. That suits me just fine!

How about you? What would you tap as inspiration to cover a chalkboard?
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